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  1. about 5 hours ago on Gary Varvel

    You are too kind-hearted – I was going to suggest un baiser a’Madame Guillotine.

    fusilier, waxing traditional

    James 2:24

  2. 4 days ago on Mike Lester

    So what do you suggest doing about it?

    Invade Iran?


    James 2:24

  3. 4 days ago on Steve Kelley

    Everybody in Indiana loves him. (Just ask Pence!)

    So there’s a bigly place near Terre Haute he’d fit in well:



    James 2:24

  4. 4 days ago on Thatababy

    Obviously, you’ve not had the advantage of Brother Armand-Jean’s class in Church History. ;^) ;^) ;^)

    St. Nicholas of Myra was a very strong defender of the Homoousios against the Arian heresy of Homoiousios.. In fact, he punched Arius himself, at the first Nicean council! (Constantine put him under house arrest, until he apologized.)

    fusilier, who thinks you might have accidentally mis-spelled Wal-Mart

    James 2:24

  5. 6 days ago on Non Sequitur

    You wrote: "@HidariMak{snip}

    And my daughter IS married to one of those corporation people."

    Your daughter may have married someone who works for a corporation, but she didn’t marry a corporation.

    And that’s the point chmsam was making.

    fusilier, who wants one of those bumperstickers, too.

    James 2:24

  6. 7 days ago on Henry Payne

    I bet if the bus were a Mustang Mach-E….


    James 2:24

  7. 8 days ago on Tank McNamara

    A Certain Someone would go ballistic, that’s fer shure.


    James 2:24

  8. 8 days ago on Lio

    I can’t find it right now, but Robert Sheckley wrote a dystopian short story on the Mickey Mouse club, back in the mid ’50s

    fusilier, rummaging though his old paperbacks.

    James 2:24

  9. 10 days ago on Jack Ohman

    And don’t forget Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.

    He’s running for his old Senate seat, with a TV ad on how HE always supported Donald Trump.


    James 2:24

  10. 11 days ago on Michael Ramirez


    Nicotine is pretty much as addictive as heroin.

    fusilier, wearing his (retired) Associate Professor of Human Anatomy and Physiology hat

    James 2:24