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  1. 6 minutes ago on Pearls Before Swine

    “Wasn’t airfare also much more expensive?” Yes, I believe it was. I spent $140 in 1972 to bring the lady who is now my wife from Wisconsin to Colorado. That’s the equivalent…hmm…carry the two…of $874 today! HOLY CRAP!

  2. 14 minutes ago on Get Fuzzy

    “Anybody seen my keys?”

  3. 1 day ago on Shoe

    We moved six miles in the Atlanta area, from one zip code handled by a certain post office to the other in the same office. Our forwarded mail took a week or more to arrive. It went to Tampa to get the yellow forwarding sticker instead of being walked across the sorting floor in the local office.

  4. 1 day ago on Pearls Before Swine

    Georgia speaking. You are exactly right. Thank you.

  5. 1 day ago on Non Sequitur

    One of the most offensive features of modern journalism is that sometimes I have to read ten or twelve paragraphs looking for the lede — and then I discover the story doesn’t have one! — it’s all drivel looking for a point it can make.

  6. 1 day ago on Non Sequitur

    “Led already has a meaning. Maybe the metal should be “ledd”.” Plumbum. The Latin name, the source of “plumber,” because pipes used to be made of plumbum, and the reason it’s “Pb” in the periodic table. Problem solved. Go thou and evangelize. I can’t — lunch is waiting.

  7. 1 day ago on Brewster Rockit

    Oh, yeah, I forgot.

  8. 1 day ago on Prickly City

    Again, where is the autopsy report? Any reasonable tests should long ago have been completed. Traces of the three causes listed above should have been immediately evident — petechiae in the lungs for the bear spray, brain bleed for the stroke, brain bleed and bruising (and possible fracture) for the blow with the fire extinguisher.

    The delay brings up the question, cui bono — who benefits? Certainly not Officer Sicknick’s family. Their intensely personal tragedy is being dragged back and forth in the news media and subjected to witless comments by the ignorami (possibly including me.) I feel intensely sorry for them.

    Who, then?

    Well, the media has an ongoing narrative, and a mission to smear Trump and the GOP. The tiny Democratic majority in Congress can profess to be terrified of the return of an murderous Republican mob. The FBI has a pretty play-toy to bat around and use to accuse random idiots of severe Federal felonies, instead of the silly “entering a restricted area,” which isn’t worth the time of a serious law enforcement agency. Discovering that Officer Sicknick died of some cause unrelated to the riot wouldn’t end these tropes, but it would make them look pretty silly.

    Congress and the FBI have sufficient clout to keep the autopsy out of the press — and the press is so subservient to them that they won’t use back channels to get it.

    We’ll find out eventually. Will it be in time to assure true justice? Probably not.

  9. 1 day ago on Prickly City

    Suppose Officer Sicknick got a faceful of pepper spray. That would certainly be unpleasant, to the susceptible, dangerous — but not fatal at thirty hours’ remove. The immediate effect would be similar to a severe asthma attack — swelling and closure of the airways and an immediate respiratory crisis. Yet Sicknick was able to return to the Capitol police office and text his brother, “I got hit a couple of times with pepper spray, but I’m all right.” Only then did he collapse and was taken to the hospital, to die late the next day.

    The New York Times immediately headlined that he had been hit on the head with a fire extinguisher and was taken to the hospital with a “bloody head wound.” Then then walked that back with their customary page-nine “reinterpretation,” admitting that there was no evidence of a blow to the head, let alone a “bloody head wound.”

    The “bear spray” narrative arose soon after, again without an identified source, and grew until the FBI adopted it. Digging around in the hundreds of thousands of videos the rioters took, they came up with one showing some bozo bragging about bear spray and, apparently, another showing him using it — but on whom? Was Officer Sicknick the identifiable target? If not, was he even verifiably present? Add to this the incompatibility of the “narrative” with the circumstances of his death and this may be another story to be walked back on page nine.

    A third story was floated by the head of the Capitol Police union, Gus Papathanasiou, on KHOU in Houston. He stated that Sicknick died of a stroke — but he got the time wrong. This is much more plausible than either of the two other stories, but we don’t know where Papathanasiou got it.

  10. 1 day ago on Prickly City

    Y’know, there are now two causes for Officer Sicknick’s death; bear spray and being hit over the head with a fire extinguisher. Either of these will leave a significant mark. Where is the autopsy report? It’s been almost two months. What is the office of the DC Medical Examiner waiting for? The Second Coming, when all will be made plain?

    Meanwhile, the FBI goes roaring off, accusing and arresting at random — except they don’t seem to know who they are accusing in this case.

    Riddle me this — who dies thirty hours later of a dose of bear spray? There supposedly have been deaths from pepper spray. There certainly have been deaths after being hit with pepper spray, which is not at all the same thing, After reading up, I find that bear spray and pepper spray are essentially the same thing. Bear spray must contain between 1% and 2% of capsaicinoids, riot-control pepper spray between 1.3% and 2%. The essential difference is range — bear sprays squirt up to 30 feet.