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  1. 7 months ago on Adam@Home

    What? There was a lightsaber in the movie? Now that is BIG spoiler.

  2. 9 months ago on Peanuts

    I can almost hear Snoopy say that with an upper crust Brit accent…

  3. 10 months ago on Andertoons

    Or a meta analysis

  4. 10 months ago on Pickles

    How many of us can actually ace a 3rd grade test? Earl is smart.

  5. 10 months ago on Adam@Home

    It is a lose-lose proposition. Aunt Maude is so scary no one buys the book, or Aunt Maude is so scary the book is a runaway success, but she sues and claims all the profits…

  6. 10 months ago on Wizard of Id

    Looks like a female Pope

  7. 11 months ago on Garfield

    NOW we know why Garf stays with Jon

  8. 11 months ago on Non Sequitur

    That is why there were no other cars in that car park. This guy is new to the place

  9. 11 months ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    And knowing that Hobbes is Calvin’s alter ego, a pooty pie is what actually Calvin wants for him mself – deep inside.

  10. about 1 year ago on Non Sequitur

    When you eat healthy, it feels like you are the in the middle of eternity