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  1. 14 days ago on Robert Ariail

    I’d say predictable, not strange.

  2. about 2 months ago on Jeff Danziger

    All religions are made up by human beings. Many are money grubbing. As George Carlin pointed out, “He loves you, but he needs money.”

  3. 2 months ago on Matt Wuerker

    Elected again, not reelected again, perish the thought.

  4. 5 months ago on Frazz

    And then some of my students call it the “communative” property.

  5. 7 months ago on FoxTrot

    Whatever happened to “please”?

  6. 8 months ago on Pickles

    I keep getting ads for eyeglasses, after guess what?

  7. 8 months ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    One can never be certain. The probability approaches 1 without reaching 1 after a large number of boxes.

  8. 8 months ago on Chris Britt

    Double meaning with the verb “to draw”???

  9. 9 months ago on Dilbert Classics

    Assume not. Let M be the largest prime. I can construct a larger one.

  10. 9 months ago on Dilbert Classics

    It has been proven, for example, that an angle cannot be trisected with compass and straightedge.