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  1. 4 days ago on Over the Hedge

    I guess that means that Bacchus believes in the Prosperity Gospel.

  2. 2 months ago on Non Sequitur

    It doesn’t say where she got the plant. She could have found a strange and interesting plant at a Chinese market.

  3. 4 months ago on Dogs of C-Kennel

    Is a “wall chihuahua” kinda like a “post turtle” – you don’t know how he got up there – someone had to put him there, you don’t know why; you just want to help the poor thing down.

    You know, like Trump.

  4. 5 months ago on Tank McNamara

    Panel 4: “No, but your head is.”

  5. 5 months ago on Candorville

    Apparently, the MSM is just making a modest proposal….

  6. 7 months ago on Over the Hedge

    At least the leaf chose one of the shorter soliloquies from Shakespeare.

  7. 7 months ago on Non Sequitur

    One of the reasons I was uncomfortable with the remake of The Producers was Leo’s yearning to be a producer “with a big old casting couch”.

    I think what put Weinstein over the edge was the allocations of physical assault as opposed to coercion. You can use your influence and promises of jobs and everyone gives you a wink and a nod; that’s OK. Unfortunately, it’s not a Hollywood / Republican / Democratic problem; it’s throughout our society.

  8. 8 months ago on That is Priceless

    “Two men say they’re Jesus – one of them must be wrong!”Dire Straits, Industrial Disease

  9. 8 months ago on New Adventures of Queen Victoria

    Yup. Hallmark Channel has been showing bad Christmas movies for a week now.

  10. 8 months ago on Monty

    They’re not – they’re blowing each other.