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I am an old, fat, Southern-born, gray headed, wrinkled, freckle-faced, married lady with a very odd sense of humor who possesses an intense penchant for very dark, almost not even sweetened at all, chocolate. I still hold a grudge against the Alabama Public School System for thwarting a profound desire to be an astronaut. Occasionally feral. Always "trying".

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  1. about 6 hours ago on Trucutu

    Our church was asked to Fast for the Covid 19 victims. I’m a diabetic, so I can’t Fast; not from food anyway. I decided that I’d Fast from one of my 3 favorite activities: gocomics and the reading and commenting on thereof.

    So, I didn’t see any of Sunday’s comics.

  2. about 7 hours ago on Dragon Girl

    or maybe Dragon Valley?

  3. about 7 hours ago on Trucutu

    Hey, Alley-Gators!

    It’s SO strange not having the Sunday strip for the Spanish speaking nations! This one is the start of a brand new arc, starting off with Aurora Borealis and ending with . . . well, either a NEW character or the evil twin of an OLD one !!

  4. about 8 hours ago on Trucutu

    Maybe the archives are updated by volunteers . . . after their paying job is done for the day?

  5. about 9 hours ago on Trucutu

    And here’s today’s link where Elspeth has a swoon attack!

  6. about 10 hours ago on Trucutu

    Hey Alley-Gators!

    I don’t see the Sunday version of Trucutu. But here’s my Sunday link Featuring Aurora Borealis and a second Alley Oop!

  7. about 10 hours ago on Trucutu

    I don’t see a Sunday version of Spanish Alley Oop.

  8. about 13 hours ago on The Martian Confederacy

    Talk about a verbal gut punch!

  9. about 17 hours ago on Breaking Cat News

    I’ve seen the pans that let you make brownies and each one gets to have it’s own crust. There ought’a be a way to make a cheese cake by the half or by the quarter.

  10. about 18 hours ago on Trucutu

    You might can see it on YouTube.