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  1. 4 months ago on Phil Hands

    Sounds like Mr. Hands is profoundly confused. Let us hope that one day he will embark upon the path of honest comprehension, and let us have compassion upon him and his victims in the meantime.

  2. about 4 years ago on Reality Check

    I believe this comes from an old joke: Pirates Dream: Sunken Chest. (This was in the context of the preferred female physiques of men in various occupations.)

  3. about 4 years ago on Reality Check

    That is so sad.

  4. over 4 years ago on Zen Pencils

    Quite the opposite of Zen.

  5. almost 6 years ago on Broom Hilda

    The teacher knew that spaghetti and pasta are not synonyms.

  6. almost 6 years ago on Real Life Adventures

    Yoga, in its original meaning, is binding one’s soul to the divine. Not all American yoga teachers get this.

  7. almost 6 years ago on Wizard of Id

    electricShadow, it is not white magic portrayed in the cartoon.

  8. almost 6 years ago on Cathy Classics

    Anyone older than 30 remembers when “choice” was a euphemism for shedding innocent blood.

  9. about 6 years ago on WuMo

    People who know monkeys know they eat all kinds of fruit. The idea that monkeys only ate bananas was a 1950’s Hollywood thing. It doesn’t fit what they’re trying to say.

  10. about 6 years ago on Savage Chickens

    Actually, it’s not so easy. In Rinzai Zen, the first Koan involves meditation on Joshu’s response: Mu! So one cow is doing Hindu meditation, and the others are doing Zen meditation, or Zazen.