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  1. about 15 years ago on Tom Toles

    AdmNaismith, BCS, etc… : The Fundys (I suppose you are not speaking of people who live on the BAY of Fundy) have NEVER had to refer the voice of the People to the leftist tilt of the courts for the simple reason that even in California the PEOPLE actually REJECT homosexual marriage by a large majority. Check it out! Prop Eight in California did not just EEK by, but passed with a much greater majority than The Great Impostor received. And BCS - EVERY court that has ruled the ban unconstitutional IS liberal, and VERY leftist. Party affiliation does not apply in most judicial appointments, since the SENATE approves Federal judges, and even very CONSERVATIVE Presidents have ended up nominating liberal judges, because, as it is said, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and when you receive a lifetime appointment to the bench you have pretty much RECEIVED absolute power!

  2. about 15 years ago on Tom Toles

    Simon - That “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself” phrase that Jesus was quoting comes from Leviticus chapter 19, verse 18, the SAME BOOK of the Bible that condemns HOMOSEXUAL relations (and any sexual relation outside the marriage of a man and a woman)!

  3. about 15 years ago on Tom Toles

    stpatme - See post to Tom C., God defines sin, not you, not me. And according to Jesus fornication (which includes homosexual relations) IS SIN. And what did you think those people actually wanted to do with the stranger who came to visit Lot? They were condemned because they wanted to have FORCIBLE HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONS with him. Before you start quoting Bible passages, you might want to actually READ THEM!

  4. about 15 years ago on Tom Toles

    Tom Ciborowski, et al, - You must not know many Christians! Jesus, yes JESUS, condemns something called “fornication” as among the foremost of sins, along with murder, and a couple of others, that separate people from God, and Heaven, AND the Resurrection! Fornication, by the way, is defined as any sexual relation outside the marriage of one man to one woman (polygamy was no longer allowed in Judaism following the return from Babylon). Thus fornication includes incest, premarital sex, extramarital sex, post-marital sex (yes, some people have sex with their ex-spouses following divorce and without benefit of re-marriage), bestiality, AND homosexuality. See Matthew 15:19 and Mark 7:21.

  5. about 15 years ago on Drew Sheneman

    One problem for Sheneman is, who ever told him that GATES would even KNOW which program will do the most GOOD? We won’t know the answer to that question until we have to use it in combat someday!

  6. about 15 years ago on Drew Sheneman

    BTW, When I was in the USCG I was involved in providing technical assistance for the determination of the production source for a new surface-search radar for our ships (the previous two had been abject failures due to Congressional intervention). Who decided on what radar was selected, a congressional committee. What did they base their decision on? Not on merit (it was too close to call), or even cost (their decision went to the one that cost 22% more per unit), but based entirely on which congressional district the equipment would be manufactured in. I had never realized that such a reason could enter into the decision until the aide of the committee chairman asked me that question, “Where will it be made?”

  7. about 15 years ago on Drew Sheneman

    LLeRay - I didn’t quite follow your statement “Congress relies on the recommendations of the supply officers, and those officers even have some discretion in what to buy.” The actual point of fact is that Congress does not ALLOW the supply officers any discretion on anything more major than toilet paper (although there may be limitations even there). Every major contract tends to have former Congressmen involved as lobbyists, and it is the politically APPOINTED Civilian Heads of the Departments who actually make most decisions. Lest we forget, the current Secretary of Defense, as well as his predecessor, are former CONGRESSMEN, not military officers.

  8. about 15 years ago on Ted Rall

    Dred, Motive - Have either of you two READ the New York Times in the last twenty years? I read it daily (I used to live in NYC) If its slant is perceived by you as “to the right”, your sense of direction needs help! They are well known for their LEFT-slant by the rest of the world, and whatever “study” you are citing is clearly even more biased. As for their support of the invasion of Iraq - that lasted about twenty-four hours. The first time anyone mentioned “blood” they turned and demanded Rumsfeld’s head. PLEASE do not consider yourselves even CLOSE to being in the nation’s political center, for, alas, the vast number of your posts reveal that you are well out to the liberal-left end of the spectrum.

  9. about 15 years ago on Joel Pett

    Dale : what mental case are you speaking about? The one who shot the cops because he thought they would send him back to jail (Calif); the one who shot the cops because his mother was having him evicted (Penn); the one who shot all the immigrants because he was upset that he’d been laid off and the English classes at the immigrant’s center had not helped his accent; or someone else?

  10. about 15 years ago on Jim Morin

    Dtroutma - President Bush has been out of office for several months now, so I suggest you realize that The Great Impostor doesn’t smell like roses anymore.