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    Family Man has been on hiatus since July 2017, for other projects.

  3. 4 days ago on Ted Rall

    Did you see where China has resold PPE that was given to them by Italy to help fight covid19? Ingrates.

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    Oh, you believe that 9/11 was an insider plot? Have you taken your medicines today?

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    Eisenhower and Smedly Butler would agree with that.

  6. 4 days ago on Ted Rall

    Didn’t know they were Republican talking points. As for the selling off of the supplies, just look at the military drawdown the Clintons called the “peace dividend” when career GIs were forced to take early retirement with limited benefits or face the chance of being unceremoniously dumped with no benefits. They sold off massive amounts of military items and what used to be called civil defense materials, including loads of PPE that was intended for chemical and biological attack. I was there when it was being sold off from several Army Depots. They dumped everything like it was a Labor Day yard sale in Hicktown, Kentucky. Was could not be sold was sent to disposal. That is how Clinton tried to balance his budget. But it backfired and left us way behind the ball as we are now seeing. There used to be civil defense (now FEMA) stockpiles as well as military stockpiles. Try finding a FEMA medical supplies stockpile now. The Clintons raided the pantry and no administration restocked it. I can’t really blame Bush 43 at first as he was blindsided by 9/11 which was planned and placed in motion after the ill advised and failed attempt by Clinton to use cruise missiles to get Bin Laden. But instead of attacking Saddam or along with it we should have restocked our supplies, especially after 9/11 which also saw, ominously, a shortage of medical supplies which had to be brought in from out of state to NY. What Obama was doing in this area I have no idea but apparently he was not thinking about restocking our supplies, either. Of course for most here, the Clinton presidency is ancient history along with Nixon.

  7. 4 days ago on Ripley's Believe It or Not

    The pilot should have died as midflight for a jumbo jet is 30,000 feet and about 600 MPH. The entire aircraft would have decompressed. The flight attendants would have passed out without oxygen masks. Not just the lack of oxygen would have killed him, it is perilously cold up there what with a 600MPH wind chill to lay upon the freezing cold. Then again, his body should have been ripped apart by the 600 MPH winds (like in a tornado). As a military freefall veteran I can testify to how cold it is at 30,000 feet. We’d jump out the back of a cargo jet at 30,000 feet and any part of you that was not covered got instant frostbite.

  8. 4 days ago on Ted Rall

    No leftist will realize that Lockheed Martin does not usually make masks. 3M does, but they sold all theirs overseas. Also, 3M is a lefty company.

    Also that the large stockpile of biological weapons defense items, such as masks, gloves and other PPE was drawn down by the Clinton administration as part of their overall gutting of the US military, for which we are still paying. Clinton trusted Russia and discounted China as a threat. The Russians lied and now we are playing catch up again. If we still had the supplies Slick Willie and the boys sold off we’d have no current shortage of PPE.

    PS: I am not a Republican, I am what you could call a rational anarchist.

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    I still have over 300 vinyl albums and some 500 45’s along with a few dozen 78’s. I digitized most of them and have them on my computer and on a backup drive. Along with music I bought on CD I have close to 20,000 music files on my hard drive. From Beethoven to Molly Hatchet to Eminem to Alice Cooper to Gene Autry to 50’s and 60’s One Hit Wonders. Bee Gees to Berlioz, Five Finger Death Punch to the Chordettes to Hank Williams (both Sr and Jr). In my home you’ll usually find music playing in the background, not television.

  10. 4 days ago on Mike Lester

    Actually, he tried to cut off travel to China but the left blocked him early on and he has faced increasing push from the left o travel bans. Too many potential democratic voters in China, I assume. Remember when the democrats called the China travel ban xenophobic and racist? And why did Pelosi and the left start a bill to dismantle travel bans called the “NO BAN ACT”? They did that just about one month ago. Apparently the Democrats want people from countries with severe corona outbreaks to be able to bring it to the USA. Possibly so they can try to repeal yet more of our constitutional rights. Meanwhile, covid19 fatalities in the us have reached 9,600, while seasonal flu fatalities are approaching 50,000.