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  1. 11 days ago on Day by Dave

    That’s okay, Dave. Always leave ’em wanting more!

  2. 15 days ago on Loose Parts


  3. 19 days ago on Shirley and Son Classics

    That day will never come.

  4. 19 days ago on Next Door Neighbors

    As long as it’s not “What’s New, Pussycat,” I’m fine.

  5. 19 days ago on Momma

    How about, “…a girl I’m going to go move in with”?

  6. 19 days ago on The Grizzwells

    My husband is colorblind. I usually select his clothes for him and on the occasions I don’t, the results can be pretty outrageous.

  7. 19 days ago on Day by Dave

    Ummmmm…Dave? That second “off” is unnecessary and makes the sentence pretty clunky. Of course, it is a chicken, so…

  8. 19 days ago on Daddy's Home

    Only freshly whipped cream in our home.

  9. 20 days ago on Luann

    I’ve begged him to stop this drek twice now. It absolutely sucks.

  10. 22 days ago on Luann

    This is the absolute stupidest story arc EVER. Enough already!