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  1. almost 4 years ago on Arlo and Janis

    Why should you never take only one Baptist fishing with you?If you take one, he’ll drink all your beer. If you take two, they’ll watch each other.

  2. almost 4 years ago on Arlo and Janis

    Two other things that slow lines down are people with rewards cards having to be coached on when to swipe them and what box to check, and fussing over using or getting points, and retired geezers whose main entertainment is playing certain lottery numbers or scratching ten tickets while holding up the line.

  3. almost 4 years ago on Annie

    Not accredited, but accreted.

  4. about 4 years ago on Tarzan

    Bagdar will need an interpreter.

  5. about 4 years ago on Back to B.C.

    In the greenhouse I work at, on a slow day, there might not be anyone in the tomato and pepper cold frame for half an hour while I’m restocking. I can pick a flat at random off a cart in the back, thinking, “I can use that,” and when I step in the door, there’s someone directly in front of the spot I need to get to. I think it’s connected to Jung’s concept of synchronicity somehow, or the people have been taking lessons from cats.

  6. about 4 years ago on Pluggers

    That’s my Dad, plus houndstooth, usually in red and white.

  7. about 4 years ago on Widdershins

    Somehow I missed the significance of the cell phone being left behind. Would someone please explain that? My time and bandwidth are too limited for me to track it down.

  8. about 4 years ago on Ink Pen

    Buggy whips survive, they’re just not common anymore.

  9. about 4 years ago on Alley Oop

    I can’t take this anymore. It takes forever for the plot to go nowhere. I have to conserve my time and bandwidth somewhere, and this the strip that is the biggest waste after previous weeding. Carry on, Wilbur and Night-Gaunt.

  10. about 4 years ago on Arlo and Janis

    People with more money than they know what to do with will pay over $100 for some fancy container to throw corks in. Apparently hoarding is OK if you call it a collection and spend money on it. I made a bulletin board once from corks. You could use them as connectors for toothpick constructions. You could mulch your grapevines. Make a New Years Eve door wreath or a curtain for the doorway to your home bar. Coasters. Lampshades. Poker chips. Mobiles. That said, I have never gone beyond the bulletin board, but have bags of used corks in case I need one. I’m a homebrewer and winemaker so they didn’t cost me much, about 13 cents each at current prices.