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  1. 5 days ago on Richard's Poor Almanac

    Paying attention to what? The National Enquirer? Infowars? Fox & Friends? You can have your own opinions, but you can’t have your own facts.

  2. 6 days ago on That is Priceless

    Right, and this isn’t a matter of lettering – it’s one of those old tavern signs that’s just a picture, so even the illiterate could read it.

  3. 6 days ago on Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

    It’s not that difficult.

  4. 6 days ago on Richard's Poor Almanac

    If “a bunch” has a value of “approximately zero,” yes.

  5. 7 days ago on Connie to the Wonnie

    It’s not THAT elephant. This is Connie’s elephant. There’s more than one elephant in the world, you know….

  6. 9 days ago on Skin Horse

    It’s a conspiracy! Anasigma has taken over your monitor!

  7. 13 days ago on La Cucaracha

    It’s Election Day in my city today, and I’ve never seen such a turnout before, even in presidential election years. Ballot questions to make this an official Safe City for immigrants and to build a new library, and a mayoral race between two good candidates and one evil – we don’t have to settle for a lesser evil this time!

  8. 13 days ago on The Buckets

    The world hasn’t ended in nuclear catastrophe YET. But now that the US has given North Korea the go-ahead to mass-produce hydrogen bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles and reneged on treaties with Iran and Russia, there’s nothing to worry about! Right?

  9. 14 days ago on Eyebeam

    Um … do you know what leeway is???

  10. 14 days ago on Bad Machinery

    Hmm … Jack used to work there, and he might call her genius-level, but he wouldn’t seal a letter with heart-shaped sealing wax.