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  1. 4 months ago on Doonesbury

    Indeed. I’m just the financial PFD for a free-lance artist, but I know it very well.

  2. 5 months ago on Doonesbury

    Zonker is talking about himself. Leeching doesn’t bother him.

  3. 10 months ago on Pearls Before Swine

    You can see this comic’s not a movie — it violates the 180 degree rule.

  4. 12 months ago on Jane's World

    Not to mention calling the FAA and the airplane’s owner. They would like to hear from Jill. Very much so.

  5. 12 months ago on Jane's World

    Poor ‘gator. I suppose I’m a tree-hugging nerd if I mention that (assuming it’s a wild gator) you’re not permitted to harass them like that.

  6. 12 months ago on Jane's World

    And there are a good thousand small islands off the south coast of Florida.

  7. 12 months ago on Jane's World

    There is a lot of irony here. Some, perhaps all, intentional. Here are a few points:

    You need a sextant, or other such instrument to measure the altitude of sun and stars. I’m a long time star-gazer, and I could eyeball the north star and get my latitude within two hundred miles, but not much closer. Traditional long distance aircraft have some such instrument built into the plane, but I don’t think a little cub plane like that would have such. There are so many electronic methods of getting position nowadays.

    The north star isn’t exactly at the pole. That provides an error of up to 30 miles. Of course, the correction can be made, if you know what you are doing.

    A pilot of any quality should have a much better idea of where she is by “dead reckonning”, having kept track of how far she flew in what direction. Of course, storm winds might mess one up some.

    The time of solar noon varies from “mean time” by up to 15 minutes either way. It depends on the date. Again, someone who had worked at this a lot might have the value for the date memorized. Determining the moment of noon is a somewhat painful task, as well. Five minutes wrong, and you’re off by 80 miles.

    No, the offset is not from Miami; it’s from the center of the time zone, 75 deg W longitude. Miami is at 80 degrees, making an error of about 300 miles.

    Finally, with no radio to call for help, I’m not sure how helpful it is to know what island they are on, unless they are going to build a boat.

  8. 12 months ago on Jane's World

    Why is it weird? The animal she is living with also eats other animals.

  9. about 1 year ago on Phoebe and Her Unicorn

    [Warning: Nerd Alert] In math, one describes rotation with a vector at right angles to the plane of rotation. With that convention, horizontal and vertical are switched. This isn’t what our heroes are referring to, but it can cause confusion.

  10. about 1 year ago on Phoebe and Her Unicorn

    Not too important, but in traditional scrolls the writing does not work like on a scroll printer, but sideways, forming pages. The two handles are to the reader’s left and right, not up and down.