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  1. 29 days ago on Dick Tracy

    Well the boldface line at the end really stood out and caught my attention. And before I could look away, I saw your last line you claim was so necessary.

    Question: How many times have I directly insulted you by making fun of your post-name? Because you’ve done that to me since before I even had the chance to directly respond to you.

    Yesterday you claimed you respect posters who aren’t afraid to tell you what they think. Which I have done. I can’t say I particularly care for the type of “respect” you’ve shown me.

  2. 30 days ago on Dick Tracy

    No, I don’t have to post it. I do it for the same reason you post your rhyming insults and Pequod posts his infinitely superior rhymes – because we enjoy what we’re doing. Also, these lists always get more than 2 likes, so I feel others enjoy it as well. If you don’t like it, you can just ignore it like I ignore your rhymes and most of your other posts.

  3. 30 days ago on Dick Tracy

    I did read them at first when you started doing them. At the time, it looked like you were attempted to mimic Pequod’s works, but as insults.

    Whatever you want to call them (rhyming insults?) IMHO you accomplished zero out of three of what you were attempting, which is why I stopped reading them.

  4. about 1 month ago on Dick Tracy

    Well IMHO of the past year of Tracy strips:

    I liked the Coney story, liked getting to know Dethany a bit better. My biggest disappointment was reading On the Fastrack for the first time and realizing it’s just a gag-a-day strip (or running-gag-for-the-week strip) so she can’t normally have the kind of conflict and resolution she got with Tracy.

    Professor Stokes was a quick, chilling Halloween story, particularly the first week with no dialogue and the art telling the full story.

    Yeti was ok, but even if I didn’t like it, it’s not something I can blame on Curtis since he didn’t write it.

    I think the Aquarius story was brilliant, one of Curtis’ best stories and one of the best he’d written in years, with all sorts of unexpected twists and turns.

    I thought Kadaver’s last stand was a good way to finish off that character, much more decisively than his previous “last stand”.

    And Archival was worth it just for the ending.

    So, yeah, overall I’ve been pretty happy with the past year. Of course, that’s just my opinion and anyone can feel free to disagree.

  5. about 1 month ago on Dick Tracy

    Anyone who dumps on current Team Tracy as frequently and insultingly as you do has got no right to criticize anyone else for being “too rough” on a cartoonist whose work the other person doesn’t like. I mean, technically you do have the right, it’s just massively hypocritical. You think Team Tracy doesn’t “work so hard”?

    And “lame, pathetic mind numbing Sunday recaps!” is an accurate description of your own recaps, not Pequod’s which are the precise opposite of that. Perhaps you got the two confused?LOL!

  6. about 1 month ago on Dick Tracy

    And here’s the page where you can find the list in the Dick Tracy wiki:


  7. about 1 month ago on Dick Tracy

    And now for the Minit Mysteries (MM):


    MM # 1: The Murder of Mr. Krispies (November 18-26)


    MM # 2: The Death of George Reeds (April 1-8)

    MM # 3: The Rogues’ Gallery (August 19-September 2)

    MM # 4: The Attack on Sparkle Plenty (December 30, 2018-January 13,


    MM # 5: The Occam’s Razor Case (April 28-May 12)

    MM # 6: Dick Tracy and Friday Foster (September 1-15)


    MM# 7: The Abduction of Mysta (April 12-26)

    MM # 8: The Presto Case (August 23-September 6)

    And that’s all they wrote (in GoComics).

  8. about 1 month ago on Dick Tracy


    The Second Shaky II (April 7-July 4)

    Coney (July 5-September 6)

    Professor Stokes (September 7-October 31)

    Yeti (November 1-December 5)

    Aquarius & Tiger Lilly (December 6, 2020-April 11,


    The Ace of Spades & Abner Kadaver (April 12-June 6)

    Brock Archival (June 7-August 20)

  9. about 1 month ago on Dick Tracy


    The Great Train Robbery (March 22-June 13)

    The Fall of the Blackhearts and the Return & Rise of Mr. Bribery (June 14-October 11)

    Where it’s revealed that Mr. Bribery was the secret leader of the Blackhearts, making him the unseen main villain behind the Return of Moon Maid, Abner Kadaver’s second “solo” story (the one I start by listing “The Blackhearts”), and the Great Train Robbery.

    Midnight Mirror Mystery (October 12-December 25)

    Specs & Spicy and the Return of the Ace of Spades (December 26, 2015-April 6,


    Mrs. Notta Faller Chin Chiller, Blaze Rize, and Putty Puss (April 7-June 21)

    Mr. Bribery & Abner Kadaver (June 22-September 24)

    Selfy (September 25-December 17)

    Dick Tracy Meets The Spirit (December 18, 2016-April 6,


    Big Margie (April 7-June 2)

    Blackjack II (June 3-July 25)

    Silver & Sprocket Nitrate II (July 26-November 15)

    Mr. Bribery & Sawtooth (November 16, 2017- February 10,


    Ghost Pepper (February 11-April 8)

    Dick Tracy vs. the Green Hornet (April 9-May 27)

    Mr. Bribery & Sawtooth II (May 28-August 14)

    Sawtooth, like Abner Kadaver, is a professional hitman. Bribery hires him here to kill Glitch, which I feel merited a title mention even tho Bribery doesn’t appear. But Sawtooth goes after Tracy on his own agenda, earning him a boldface mention.

    Polar Vortex (August 15-December 11)

    Haf-and-Haf IV (December 12, 2018-March 3,


    Barnabas Tar (March 4-April 24)

    B-B Eyes III (April 25-July 13)

    Doc (July 14-September 15)

    The Return of Detective Frisk (September 16-November 13)

    Haf-and-Haf V (November 14-December 28)

    Mr. Roboto (December 29, 2019-February 8,


    The Second Shaky (February 8-April 6)

    TBC cuz U NO Y :(

  10. about 1 month ago on Dick Tracy

    And now my listing of Curtis’ stories. I have the least to say here, but’s all good and often great. Anyone looking for past good stories can find them here. Highly recommended.


    The Fifth & Flyface III (March 14-April 30)

    Hot Rize (May 1-June 2)

    Doubleup (June 3-25)

    B-B Eyes II (June 26-July 30)

    Morning Gloria (July 31-September 17)

    The Retelling of Tracy’s First Case (September 18-October 23)

    The Second Mr. Crime, B-B Eyes, Blaze Rize, Mumbles, Doubleup, & Abner Kadaver (October 24-December 2)

    Abner Kadaver is in a unique position among Tracy villains. As a professional hitman, he’s always taking orders from somebody, and they’ve always been main villains in their own right. So technically, Abner is never the “main” villain. But there are stories where he is the main focus, and whenever that is, I boldface his name.

    Putty Puss III (December 3, 2011-February 2,


    Thunderchild (February 3-March 7)

    Blackjack (March 8-April 24)

    The Second Mr. Crime, B-B Eyes, Blaze Rize, Mumbles, Doubleup, & Abner Kadaver II (April 25-July 20)

    Mrs. Flattop (July 21-August 20)

    Phishface (August 21-September 28)

    Measles II (September 29-November 16)

    Broadway Bates II (November 17, 2012-January 5,


    Sweat Box (January 6-March 3)

    The Jumbler (March 4-April 16)

    The Return of Moon Maid (April 17-October 19)

    The Blackhearts, Mrs. Flattop, Abner Kadaver, & Blackjack (October 20, 2013-January 4,


    Silver & Sprocket Nitrate (January 5-March 19)

    Tabby Angus (March 20-May 31)

    The Search for Annie (June 1-October 12)

    Gruesome (October 13, 2014-January 18,


    Silver & Sprocket Nitrate and Mrs. Flattop (January 19-March 21)

    TBC cuz GC hates free advertising.