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  1. about 15 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Did Tracy get slugged between panels two & three or have plastic surgery? His nose changed size.

  2. about 15 years ago on Citizen Dog

    I am sold. This is the most creative, humorous, and entertaining strip currently being drawn. It has it all.

  3. about 15 years ago on Non Sequitur

    This is his second incarnation as a retailer. He owned a pet store a couple of years ago named Bird Flew.

  4. over 15 years ago on Ballard Street

    Obviously he is making frames for hammocks so he can finally enjoy his leisure time and make a little money on the side.

  5. over 15 years ago on Speed Bump

    Dugger redeux

  6. over 15 years ago on NEUROTICA

    Weight a mint. Did Big Al use the wrong two???

  7. over 15 years ago on Bloom County

    We now know that Mr. Sulu would have secretly plotted a course for the planet of oversized jock straps.

  8. almost 16 years ago on Bad Reporter

    OMG Where did they get such a close up photo of McCain? If McCain is now focusing only on Joes, does that mean that he will open the borders to more coffee imports?