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    I think he was serious enough about Luann to come back to the US and attend a university that happened to be in her small town. To my knowledge Australia has quite good theatre schools, certainly comparable to Moony U. It was only when the writers decided to split them up that Qluill was shown to be focused on his career more than on Luann, or at least not having the fixation on Luann above everything else the way she did on him.

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    I don’t mean to call snarking trolling, just that people on other comic boards enjoy making fun of the characters and outlandish plots in various strips. It’s sort of the approach that Josh at the Comics Curmudgeon site takes.

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    Comics boards are full of snarking. While people tend to take the dynamics between characters in this strip more seriously than others it can be fun to just laugh at possibilities. I must admit I giggled at howtheduck’s reaction.

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    Brad makes cracks to Luann just this annoying. We’re just seeing more of hers recently.

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    That’s probably the best hairstyle he’s had. It flatters his early butternut squash head.

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    Does Satchel need lessons in how to be a dog?

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    She had a very 1940’s hair style. It almost looked like a knock-off of Aunt Fritzi’s hair in the original Nancy comics.

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    Quill reminded me of Aussie guys I’ve known. He also is the only one of the people his age in the strip seriously pursuing and obtaining a career.

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    Was that a line from the movie Arthur?