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  1. 7 months ago on Luann

    Pretty sure Tara goes commando.

  2. 7 months ago on Luann

    Gee, sort of makes me wonder. Who do I despise more, Tara or Betts?

  3. 7 months ago on Luann


  4. 8 months ago on Luann

    Looks to me like they will be using one another. Life lesson for Tiff coming up.

  5. 10 months ago on Luann

    Am I the only one thinking that this is not the start of an arc (god I hope not) and it’s just a Gag-a-day Sunday type strip?

  6. 11 months ago on Luann

    I see it this way: If Gunther was my best friend and he just told me he decided to cut bait on his relationship with Bets and not respond to her, my reaction would be “oh thank god! Dude I didn’t want to say it but that chick was the worst!”

  7. 11 months ago on Luann

    Two words: RUN GUN!!!

    Unless you want to be dealing with the logic of a crazy person forever.

  8. 11 months ago on Luann

    I despise Bets. There, I said it!

  9. 12 months ago on Luann

    My two cents: Nil is a shy kid who could never have expected that kiss, probably his first, and had no idea how to process it, or if and how to respond. He’s not a cold fish since he basically had just told her that her presence made this the best night of his life. Bernice is a control freak who plans every move but she just did something spontaneous for maybe the first time in her young adult life, which must be terrifying to her, and she couldn’t stand there not knowing what his response would be so she got out.Next time they meet sparks may fly, or both could just retreat back to the comfort of their own dysfunction.

  10. about 1 year ago on Luann

    Im honestly hoping it ends with Gunther figuring it out and dumping the controlling Bets who is really just using him. This will bookend his relationship with Rosa and show his growth and we can look forward to whatever comes next for him.