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  1. 14 days ago on Zack Hill

    Nope, I’m too busy hiding under the bed. Trying to get away from all the armed scary clowns…

  2. 17 days ago on Rose is Rose

    My present cat is the first finicky cat I’ve ever owned. Over the decades I’ve had all manner of cats and all of them were good eaters… then came Fuzzbutt. So a year ago as he hit 22 lbs I took over his feeding from my husband and my first comment was, Eat it my way or go hungry. He’s now down to 15 lbs and is much healthier and he… eats what I give him.

  3. about 1 month ago on Alley Oop

    Giving the reboot time to settle. However, can someone please enlighten me. Are the majority of the skin tones supposed to be greenish grey or is this just some colorist at GoComics who’s being weird?

  4. about 2 months ago on Non Sequitur

    They must of carefully culled their data to avoid such groups as Seventh Day Adventists to get that %.

  5. about 2 months ago on Prickly City

    He needs to get in touch with the real world, my husband’s working 16 hr days this entire week and had to work Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. I’d be working the same if I didn’t have to use my vacation hours this week or lose them.

  6. about 2 months ago on Dogs of C-Kennel

    That’s exactly what I was thinking of. He’d be perfect there.

  7. 2 months ago on In Security

    Hmm wonder if she knows about the hot water trick? Heat some water, put about 2 inches of hot water in a pan, invert jar and stand in water. Let stand in water about 1 minute. Remove jar, easily remove lid using a rubber glove or other sticky rubber piece to grip both lid and jar. My husband is an over-tightener. I’m non-exerciser unless forced to. Believe me I know all the tricks to get jars open.

  8. 3 months ago on Over the Hedge

    Nope does not thankfully.

  9. 3 months ago on Over the Hedge

    Chickens. They are the one creature that loves stink bugs. Just introduce the pile of stink bugs to a couple of hungry hens and problem solved. And they’ll give you some eggs in trade for their lunch.

  10. 4 months ago on Overboard

    That’s not a good diet. Restrict the calories but don’t restrict the nutrition.