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  1. almost 13 years ago on Non Sequitur

    Dear Mr. Dogsniff, The last time I checked we still had freedom of religion and freedom of speech as Constitutionally protected rights in this country. As such you are free to choose not to believe in God if you wish. However, I would like to point out that simply because you choose not to belive in God does not change that fact that He exists and that some day you and every other human being will stand before Him to answer for your life. I would also like to point out that I simply stated a fact in my original post. I neither condoned nor condemned you or your beliefs, it is you who has taken a hostile approach in attacking me and what you presume my beliefs may be. I suggest that before you go around attacking other people for thier beliefs that you first read your own post and quit condemning people with differing views and practice the tolerance you so boldly proclaim to believe in.

  2. almost 13 years ago on Non Sequitur

    You will not find your sacrilege so funny when you stand before God to answer for it.

  3. about 13 years ago on Non Sequitur

    Ok I get how the unthinking masses and media lemmings were mentally brainwashed and programmed to vote for Obama. But how can anyone today look at the mess and laughing stock he has made of this country and still support him or even acknowledge that they were amongst the brainwashed masses that allowed him to sit in the big boy’s chair in the first place. Not only has he done more damage to this country and our global reputation than any other president in the history of the USA, but he continues to actually delude himself into thinking that he is right in doing so.

  4. about 13 years ago on Non Sequitur

    Now we know where Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Barbara Boxer, and the rest of the liberal slime that has poisoned our Country and twisted the minds of our youth came from.

  5. almost 14 years ago on Non Sequitur

    Danae, just send your request for funding to the White House I am sure that president Obama would jump at the chance to waste more of the taxpayers money on yet another stupid program!

  6. about 15 years ago on Non Sequitur

    Since when did love of one’s country and patriotism equate to hatred and racism? That is the most ridiculous notion that I have ever heard.

    My ancestors immigrated to the US, I do not hate immigrants of any origin. However, criminals are criminals and if you came to this country illegally then you are not an undocumented person, you are a criminal. You broke the law. Regardless of your circumstances breaking the law still has consequences. If you get caught speeding the consequence is a ticket and fine. If you get caught stealing the consequence is prison time. If you commit murder the consequence is death (at least in States with the guts to keep the death penalty active and not cave in to the bleeding hearts). If you come to this country illegally the consequence is deportation. It is as simple as that. It is not hatred. It is not racism. It is law.

    As to moving out of my neighborhood, first of all I was there first why should I leave. Second, at this point in time I cannot afford to move.

    As to who has the best beer. Whether it is Canada, Britain, or Europe I will let you all fight that one out. I will say that all three have better beer that the US does. Just do me a favor when you serve it to me please make sure it is ice cold because warm beer is really disgusting.

  7. about 15 years ago on Non Sequitur


    I love visiting Canada, in fact, at one point in time I dated a girl from Vancouver BC, (well actually Abbotsford BC). You are right about one thing. You do have much better beer than we do. I am not opposed to having a good time with a thematic party. It is the blatant disrespect for My country by My neighbors that upsets me.

  8. about 15 years ago on Non Sequitur

    JanCinVV, I do not classify all people of Hispanic decent as illegals, that would be silly. For example people of Puerto Rican decent are both Hispanic and American. Secondly, I have a number of friends of both Mexican and other Hispanic origin and I do not classify them as illegal either. Illegal is a status reserved for those people who came to this country without following the proper procedures for legally entering this country. As to those in my neighborhood, you really do not know where I live so I will forgive your lack of understanding. Trust me it is a well documented fact that about 80% of the Hispanics in my neighborhood at any given time are in fact in this country illegally.

    Finally, while the current interpretation of the law may disagree with me, I do not believe that just because you are born on American soil you are an American citizen. That is a fairly recent interpretation by liberal activist justices. To truly be an American citizen you need to be born of at least one parent who is an American citizen. Therefore, I find the whole argument of “anchor babies” to be ridiculous, those babies are no more American citizens than their parents are, regardless of where they were actually born.

  9. about 15 years ago on Non Sequitur


    I am not spewing ignorance or hatred. I can admit when I fell for misinformation (see my last post). I do not hate Americans of Mexican decent, however I also strongly believe that if you came to this country illegally, whether from Mexico or anywhere else you have broken the law and are therefore a criminal. Criminals of any kind cannot be tolerated by a society. While the punishment for any crime must fit the crime, all crimes must be punished. I would not call for the killing of illegals, that would be a punishment that did not fit the crime. However, raids by I.C.E. and the subsequent deportation of all illegals is a punishment that fits their crime. There is no hatred here, just solid patriotism.

  10. about 15 years ago on Non Sequitur

    Ok so I fell for the misinformation about it being Mexican Independence day, I can admit when I made a mistake.

    However, it does not change the situation one iota. There are still loads of illegals flying their Mexican flags above the US Flag, committing crimes (driving while drinking), and generally making a nuisance of themselves. In the end, what they are celebrating is being proud of being Mexican, not being proud to be an American. It is that fact that I am annoyed and offended by.

    I have never met an American of Irish decent that took St. Patrick’s Day to the point of being offensive. I enjoy a green beer and some tasty corned beef as much as the next guy but I have never met someone of Irish heritage that would dare to fly the Irish flag above the US Flag, at least not on US soil. I also enjoy a good German beer and a Bratwurst for Oktoberfest, but again I have never met an American of German Decent that would disrespect America.