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  1. over 12 years ago on Brevity

    Can I just say that header thing with the bowling ball is great? Because it is great. And so is Brevity. That is all.

  2. over 12 years ago on The Dinette Set

    It looks like Saddam Hussein in the middle, with Karl Rove on the right! Who’s the guy on the left?

  3. almost 13 years ago on Dick Tracy

    If anyone knows how to post an image in the comments…In that middle panel, Mordred = Ponda Baba.

  4. about 13 years ago on Dick Tracy


  5. over 13 years ago on Jeff Danziger

    Semantics, churchill? Really? Most would accept this definition of the word “stomp”:

    “a downwards strike with the heel of the foot from the stand-up position…usually directed at the head or body of a downed opponent”

    If that’s your daughter on the ground, you’d call it a stomp, and you’d be correct. Whether his intent was to stomp on her head or not (and I believe it was), he did in fact stomp on her head. He also snapped back to momentary sanity when his fellow tough guy waved him off. You can see that on his face when the camera films him.

    Look, the guy got caught up in his anger. That happens when the adrenaline gets going. And it’s easy to get brave, and overdo it, when you’re surrounded by a bunch of fellow tough guys and the enemy can’t fight back. That’s what happened. Ask that guy on a typical day, I’ll bet he’d say he’d never try to hurt a woman. But he did.

  6. over 13 years ago on Jeff Danziger

    It’s churchillwasright who fails to see this incident through nonpartisan eyes. If this was his mother, his wife or his daughter on the business end of the ‘tough’ guy’s boot heel, he’d see it very differently.

    That ‘tough’ guy is fortunate he was surrounded by a bunch of his fellow spineless misogynists. Any good man would have given him a taste of his own medicine for attacking a woman, regardless of shared political bent.

  7. over 13 years ago on Compu-toon

    Does he do cartoon captions?

  8. over 13 years ago on Basic Instructions


  9. over 13 years ago on Tank McNamara

    Two deaths in sanctioned fights IN THE LAST TWELVE YEARS. That’s a pretty good record, considering the force of those punches.

    More KIDS die EVERY YEAR playing high school football.

  10. over 13 years ago on Dick Tracy

    Heard about this yet? “A Tribute Site to the Original Crimestopper”:

    Lots of good stuff here, and best of all, via the “Major Crime Squad” link, Curtis and Staton finally on a Dick Tracy universe strip:

    Apologies if someone already posted.