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    He’s our resident troll. Don’t feed him.

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    I babysat for 35 cents an hour, a dollar an hour after midnight. School lunches were 35 cents. No allowance, I had to work for my spending money.

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    Here in Phoenix they will loan you traps to catch them, and neuter them for free. You are supposed to release them back where you caught them, but a friend had just bought horse property and wanted some barn cats, so I released them at his barn instead. The crop the top of one ear so you know they are sterile if you accidentally trap them again.

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    I just figured the director was dyslexic…he mistook 6’5" for 5’6"

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    And back when this was first drawn, was milk in bags?

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    I’m 40 years older than my mom was when she died.

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    Was on a flight once and we hit an air pocket. I watched the contents of my glass of coke go up in the air, over my head, and land in the lap of the guy behind me. I started to apologize but he just looked at his cup and said “That’s OK, I was drinking coffee” and looked over his shoulder.

  10. about 1 month ago on Ben

    You can pound chicken breasts thin and use them in place of veal for wiener schnitzel.