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  1. about 10 years ago on Sylvia

    I guess ultimately he went with her - & got stranded his own self! XD (After all he guards the place…)

  2. about 10 years ago on Garfield

    LYMAN was the name of Odie’s original owner - & he kinda vanished without explanation… hmmm - suggestive of things I’d rather not even think! @@

  3. about 10 years ago on Cathy Classics

    For those of you who say “it’s too risky to become a mother at HER age:”

    More and more women are becoming first-time mothers at older and older ages. I’m not saying that it is risk-free; however, newer studies are showing that it’s not as risky as people popularly believe, and it is becoming less so as health and nutrition, prenatal care and awareness increase.

  4. over 10 years ago on Cathy Classics

    You know Susan - it’s just a comic strip.