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  1. over 1 year ago on Liberty Meadows

    Seems mutual. That’s what hugs should be, anyway.

  2. over 1 year ago on Dilbert Classics

    That’s what convinced me not to get an extended warranty for my new microwave. They tell me it’s a magnificent machine, but it’s probably going to die on you.

  3. over 1 year ago on Tarzan

    From what I’m seeing, this man is on the Brink of Death.

  4. over 1 year ago on Li'l Abner

    Also, it’s sad that this is maybe the earliest Abner comic. It got much better with time and more interesting characters. Maybe Capp family and goComics could both get a little richer if they published new strips. Hint-hint.

  5. over 1 year ago on Li'l Abner

    I believe it’s because it costs too much. The Capp family sets the price, I’m sure. Probably, it’s not getting enough ads for goComics to afford more.

  6. over 1 year ago on Tarzan

    Tarzan brought his knife today. This is about as dumb as bringing a knife to a gunfight, but he’ll come home sitting atop the beast, who will reach down its trunk and lift the lovely Fawna aboard. This would be a good time for Jane to show up with her elephant gun. I can just hear T saying, “Lemme e’splain.”

  7. over 1 year ago on Basic Instructions

    If you’re a nearsighted superhero, the least you can do is wear contacts while on the job. Now, how Clark Kent fooled the whole world with a pair of glasses, we’ll never know. It’s better to wear the disguise while you’re working, anyway, like Batman, or the Lone Ranger.

  8. over 1 year ago on Brewster Rockit

    Some damage was done to their rocket, but fortunately they had some spare ribs.

  9. over 1 year ago on Tarzan

    “CHALLENGINGLY” Wow!! I know ERB loved his adverbs, but…this one is a real tongue twister. Tom Swift will have to go to the back of the line. It’s OK, but I think some of his readers might move their lips while they read. None of us, of course…and I’m hoping we don’t carry this comment into politics. I think politics should be done with by now (Said Ray, pleadingly).

  10. over 1 year ago on FoxTrot Classics

    …the major contributor being the lead (plumbum) used in their water distribution system.