All About Pearls Before Swine


At its heart, Pearls Before Swine is the comic strip tale of two friends: an arrogant Rat who thinks he knows it all and a slow-witted Pig who doesn't know any better. Together, this pair offers caustic commentary on humanity's quest for the unattainable. Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams says that Pearls is "one of the few comics that make me laugh out loud.

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Meet the Cast


A gentle, sweet and naïve soul, Pig is a living rebuttal to those people who say that swine are intelligent animals. As Rat's roommate, Pig's enthusiastic, amiable nature makes him a valuable (and in Rat's case, only,) friend, even as his gullibility makes him an exasperating conversation partner. He likes cheese.



If beer, fame and himself didn't exist, Rat would hate everything. Rat is cynical, selfish, vain, quick to anger and prone to bouts of violence. Without Pig, the world would have given up on him long ago. He sometimes writes children's books.




Goat is a long-suffering philosopher, a thoughtful type who spends his days trying to comprehend the perplexities of existence and plumb the splendid mysteries of the world. His blog is not popular, as Rat enjoys reminding him.




Zebra spends most of his waking hours helping himself and others avoid being eaten by the Crocs and other neighborhood predators. It really cuts into his TV time.


The Crocs


The Crocs are obsessed with eating their neighbors, especially Zebra. They make Wile E. Coyote look like Moriarty.




The strip's creator deals with the shabby emptiness of his life by devising intricately fiendish puns and inflicting them upon his appalled creations. Drinking helps, too.