Mar 4, 2017
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Angel:  Welcome to heaven, Rat.
Rat:  This is heaven? And I made it in?
Angel:  Yep. You died suddenly. But you did just enough good things to get in.
Rat: whoa whoa whoa...what is Murray doing here?
Angel:  He made it into heaven also.
Rat:  But he was a co-worker of mine. And he was a jerk. I thought for sure he'd be in hell.
Angel:  Whoa whoa...we don't use language like that here.
Murray:  Yeah, so stop being such an @##.
Rat:  Did you just call me an @###?
Murray:  Yeah, I called you an -   Happy?
Rat:  Not you again.
Mar 6, 2017
Small u 201701251613

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