Aug 31, 2013
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Rat:  What are you up to, Goat?
Goat:  I have to run home and write a paper on a foreign dictator for his college class I'm taking. But I can't decide who to write about.
Pig:  Hmm.
Goat:  What's the matter with you?
Rat:  He had his wisdom teeth taken out and they gave him some painkiller, so he's talking a  little slow.
Pig:  Sad.
Goat:  Aw, don't be sad, Pig. I've had my wisdom teeth taken out. The pain goes away.
Pig:  Damn.
Goat:  Well, it's no reason to swear. That's not like you.
Pig:  Who?
Goat:  You, Pig, you. Gosh, it sounds like those drugs are making you a little insane.
Pig:  Sane.
Goat:  Well, you don't sound like it to me. You sound-  Great idea, Pig. Thanks.
Pig:  You're.
Rat:  What the @*&# just happened?
Pig:  Wel come.
Sep 2, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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