Aug 17, 2013
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Man:  Your food, sir.
Pig:  Eeesh. What is that?
Man:  Fish. It's what you ordered.
Pig:  But why does it look like that?
Man:  Because it's a fish. Would you like it to look like a cow?
Pig:  No. But I want it to look like something that wasn't alive.
Man:  Sir, we're a three-star michelin-rated restaurant. That's how fish is served.
Pig:  No, no, please...just make it look like food. Good old magical food that comes from nowhere and magically appears on my plate.
Man:  Alright, alright. Close your eyes and gimme a second.
Pig:  Thanks.
Man:  Whhhhhhhy yooooooou kiiiiiilll meeeeeee?  Whhhy yooou-
Man:  That probably wasn't consistent with michelin food-handling standards.
Rat:  Gimme that. I want to chase him home.
Aug 19, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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