Apr 21, 2012
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Rat:  Who were you yelling at on the phone?
Stephan:  The people who color my Sunday strips.
Rat:  I thought you colored them.
Stephan:  Well. I do. But then my color file gets sent to some company that turns it into color plates for the Sunday paper.
Rat:  I don't understand that.
Stephan:  I don't either, really. All I know is that those guys are ultimately responsible for how the color appears in the Sunday strip.
Rat:  Why'd you get ticked at them?
Stephan:  Oh, they screwed up the color in a strip a few weeks ago, and I told them to be more careful.
Pig:  Will they listen?
Stephan:  Oh, yeah. I told 'em. "You don't mess with the color in MY strip. I'm Stephan Pastis, darn it." I think that really intimidated them.
Rat:  It sure did.
Pig:  I'm so pretty.
Stephan:  I'll get them for this.
Crocodile:  Whoa. Me must be more buzzed den me tink.
"@*#@# you Stephan"
Apr 23, 2012
Small u 201701251613

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