Mayo monday 11.2 2


    It's Monday so we all know what that means! Another delicious installment of "Mayonnaise Monday!" One question I always like to ask is "why do people say mayonnaise is bad for you?"

It's really just a few simple ingredients. 

1) Eggs. A wonderful source of protein and choline. Probably best not to think about the implications if a super race of sentient chickens ever takes over the world and they realize what we've been doing all these years with their progeny.

2)  Oil. Literally fuel for the engine we call the body. End of discussion.

3) Vinegar. Talk about versatile! Reader's Digest gives you 95 darn reasons it's so amazing. 

    So let's all agree to stop bad-mouthing mayo and start spoon-mouthing it! LOL! And at 90 calories a teaspoon, you'll have plenty of energy to fight off those super chickens.


    Today's mayonnaise comic is courtesy of 2013 Reuben award winner Wiley Miller. Wiley's been doing Non Sequitur since 1992 and has also won the National Cartoonists Society best comic strip of the year in 1992 and best comic panel in 1995, 1996 and 1998.  

    Non Sequitur runs in more than 700 newspapers and is one of the most popular comics on GoComics. Sometimes in the dark hours of the morning, I like to pretend that Wiley and I are best friends.