Due to passionate and overwhelmingly positive reader reaction, Mayonnaise Monday (c) went on holiday hiatus this week. Instead, we'll talk about how one cartoonist used his forum to hurt the feelings of another. 

The guilty: FoxtTot's Bill Amend.

The wounded: Pearls Before Swine's Stephan Pastis.


FoxTrot by Bill Amend March 20, 2016



How it all shook down: Stephan was just minding his own business. Bill was the man with something hurtful to say. The venerable and award-winning FoxTrot comic was the weapon of choice. And seeing as Foxtrot runs in hundreds of newspapers, Stephan would be humiliated in front of millions of newspaper and internet readers that day. Stephan publicly said that it didn't bother him but the next time I saw him you could see he just seemed a little sad... and no matter how many times I hugged him, he didn't seem to break out of it. 

So I figured one last pitch for Stephan's new book might help cheer him up. It's out today and I've read it and it's great.




Buy it today and you can help one cartoonist recover from a devastating blow to his self-esteem.