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Sam and Nina are two cats as different as the two sides of your brain. Where Sam is creative, enthusiastic and optimistic, Nina is logical, critical and cynical. they live, laugh and argue in a fever dream land of imagination.

In addition to general silliness, Sam and Nina debate the creative process, the role of art and science, and just who ate that last can of tuna. It's like a brain pill with a tasty coating of wit. Together, these two cats are the two sides of your magnificent brain... Magnificatz!



Steve Ogden has been a writer and illustrator since he could hold a pencil. By day, he makes video games. By night, he draws, writes and animates.

Before creating Magnificatz, he created the comic Croaker's Gorge and the award winning graphic novel Moon Town, as well as a collection of short stories called Headstones and Monuments. He lives in the rolling hills of northern Maryland with his wife and three sons. And when he's not writing, drawing, or working, he likes to run (Okay... he likes to eat and sleep. But he runs anyway.)


Nina – enjoys science, logic and trying to get rich. She has a critical take on the world with a cynical edge, though she’d call herself a realist.

Sam – loves napping, drawing and eating. He has a zeal for life and a relentlessly optimistic outlook. He’d call himself happy.

Maurice – a dog in the cats' world!? Mercy mercy me! This poor dachshund is anxious about a great many things, and often gets sucked into the bizarre shenanigans at Casa Feline.

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