Lisa Benson for February 19, 2024

  1. 2008happynewyear1024
    TexTech  4 months ago

    The problem is not with paying the actual workers a living wage. The problem is paying senior management 10 times or more what they are worth! Instead of raising prices on products, all you have to do is cut the CEO’s pay in half and make him live on a paltry $5 million income.

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  2. Picture
    ChristopherBurns  4 months ago

    The minimum wage in California is $16/hr. DC has the highest minimum wage at $17/hr, followed by Washington State at $16.28. Different localities in California have raised the minimum wage over $16, but none are at $20 (LA is $19.97, however). Most of those are a result of local initiatives, not imposed by the state.

    I guess in California we figure that if your business model relies on your employees making poverty wages, we’d rather not do business with you.

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  3. Boyknifeoutlet
    Retired engineer  4 months ago

    Generally, after a boost in minimum wage, business picks up since the workers now have some money to spend above their subsistence income.

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  4. Missing large
    Rich Douglas  4 months ago

    Supply and demand, folks. $20 per hour isn’t any different in principle than any other wage.

    And why are you against people making a living wage?

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  5. Th marvin da martian
    Flashaaway  4 months ago

    I hope Lisa only gets $20/hr for her efforts as it only takes a couple of hours or less to knock out her particular garbage.

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  6. Cigar smoker
    Jack7528  4 months ago

    So True.

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  7. Picture
    Ontman  4 months ago

    As if Lisa cares.

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  8. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead Premium Member 4 months ago

    Does Lisa have ANY idea how much profit McDonalds made in 2023?

    Does she even know if they made ANY profit?


    Does she have ANY idea how much McDonalds after tax profit increased as a result of the Trump tax cuts for patriotic multinational corporations, including McDonalds?


    Do any Trump Disciples know any of these things?


    Lisa and all other Trump Disciples believe that McDonalds should never increase wages because they are not making enough money!

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  9. Missing large
    "It's the End of the World!!!" Premium Member 4 months ago

    Now, very very few people actually work in their lives and make ONLY a minimum wage. The IRS data has shown this for YEARS.

    Now, the issue that comes up is that the minimum wage will increase, and then that cost will work its way up the food chain. The minimum wage Whopper flopper makes more than an EMT, and then their pay goes up, and rather quickly it all goes up. Plus, the owners of a “basic” job such as this Whopper flopper will determine that it is cheaper to use a vending machine or a robot to do the work since it is very repetitive. Doesn’t take long to recoup the cost.

    The media just celebrated how great it was that UPS drivers negotiated a massive salary increase…….and now less than 3 months later they are laying off thousands.

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  10. Missing large
    Judge Magney  4 months ago

    As the result of a recently enacted statute, California is establishing a special minimum wage of $20/hr for employees of fast food chains like McDonalds. The new wage is scheduled to take effect April 1 2024. While there has been a great deal of alarmist commentary predicting price spikes, academic economists are predicting that the roughly 30% wage increase is likely to result in 5 to 7% price increases, bringing the Big Mac in CA from $5.89 to about $6.25. The horror. The horror.

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  11. Missing large
    DrDon1  4 months ago

    A “knee-jerk” reaction from a ( say it… ) j*#^ [ ? ]

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  12. 5cf96a5f 504e 4c6b 86a5 c29d9610342b
    Al Fresco  4 months ago

    $50 dollars minimum wage for a burger flipper in California, In-and-out Burger will have to charge $25 for their standard fare. Because they are the best of the chains they will outlast McDonalds, Burger Kin, Wendy’s, Culver’s, Whata-burger and all the chains and then too will go under. America, what a country (Yakov Smirnoff).

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  13. Missing large
    suspiria  4 months ago

    They all cry and moans about big bad salaries going up, but happily sends gazillions to billionaires so they can get a second and third boat. Actually they hate those who have to work for a living…

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  14. Missing large
    tpcox928  4 months ago

    Two of the biggest welfare programs for the wealthy and businesses is the low income tax credit and Medicaid. Business: “We don’t have to pay livable wages because you employees get an income tax credit for earning so little; and, we don’t have to provide you with health care because you earn so little money you are eligible for Medicaid. Thank you, taxpayers, for subsidizing our business model.” The wealthy: “End that darn Medicaid and let people who can’t afford health insurance get sick and die.” That last one is a direct quote from a MAGA-type sitting next to me at a meeting. He sells health insurance.

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  15. Mongo
    Mongo  4 months ago

    Minimum wage jobs were entry level for kids to begin finding out about money, responsibilities and a work ethic. Lord knows there is none of that kind of education in public schools.

    Now, so many kids who screwed off in school and so many just being pushed along through the public school system without even a basic education, no marketable skills because of it, and no ability to to pay for higher schooling because of predatory lending practices and lack of meeting even a basic skills test, there is a whole two generations of folks who can’t find work in a field that actually pays enough to live.

    Now the only jobs available to them are those low level, low skill jobs that pay right at the minimum.That will change as companies will want skilled, educated folks who have a work ethic. Leaving younger kids out of the market. And a glut of people who are now realizing their future is flipping burgers, or waiting tables.

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  16. 10153654 10201860076559635 7174929319384925209 n
    My First Premium Member 4 months ago

    If you want to make more than minimum wage, you may want to learn a trade. Just sayin’.

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  17. 250
    ladykat  4 months ago

    No, thank you, I’m just browsing.

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  18. Missing large
    steveconkey2003  4 months ago

    Raise minimum to $20, then those already making $20 want $25, and those making $25 now want $30……and so on. All while prices inflate because wages and costs go up. Liberals are not smart.

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  19. 20190826 170156
    Treedodger  4 months ago

    Last year I paid $200 to get back $25. I don’t file now.

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  20. Catinma
    BeniHanna6 Premium Member 4 months ago

    All the chest pounding about how good you are to your fellow man doesn’t make a business able to sell a product. If you can’t make a profit, you will close your business down.

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  21. Missing large
    billwog  4 months ago

    Gee, Rich, I guess you’re in favor of the proposal at the Calif. capitol for a $50.00 minimum wage. It is true that Calif. is where the nuts come from.

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  22. 1
    ncorgbl  4 months ago

    When the minimum wage was $1.25/hr, a McDonalds hamburger was 15¢. Today minimum wage is $15/hr and a McDonalds hamburger is under $4.

    McDonalds then was a small walk up stand with two huge golden arches, no breakfast menu, no Big Mac or Quarter Pounder, no dining room to maintain.

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  23. Missing large
    lawguy05  4 months ago

    As if enough people/companies haven’t fled California already. Keep going Gavin.

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  24. Missing large
    tpcox928  4 months ago

    Rich poses the best question: Why does the GOP fight so fervently for welfare for the wealthy and big business, and so fervently against people earning a living wage, having access to health care, access to education?

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