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LAUGHING REDHEAD COMICS is the brainchild of The Laughing Redhead, aka Teresa Roberts Logan. Teresa is a cartoonist, comic, and generally goofy quirk of a person, who enjoys sharing her weirdness with you on the web. Her LAUGHING REDHEAD COMICS is the result. 

Throughout years of drawing  Random Confessions comics, watching ghostie shows, and making Jesus jokes (no pre-judging!), Laughing Redhead Comics is the natural evolution, combining all of the above, and features the turns and twists of a mind ready to overshare every random, weird thought.

Sometimes you’ll see the characters interacting with each other, sometimes on their own, but you’ll get to know all of them. Vespertina, Jesus, Death, Monesha, Iris, and Lady Gaaah will make regular appearances, and now and then we’ll make you think a little harder with a “Jesus Be Like, Whaaat?” You’ll see.

Have we painted the picture? Expect a hodgepodge of goofy, weird, quirky, comics and cartoons, in differing formats, black-and-white, single-panel, and multi-panel.

All from an award-winning* cartoonist and writer,  who loves zombies almost as much as she loves folded potato chips, and speaking about herself in third person.

*For a complete list of awards, please see my mama. She keeps good records on that sort of thing.


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