Joe Heller for March 27, 2023

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    dotbup  8 months ago

    BREAKING: Another mass shooting has been reported at a school, this one at Covenant School in Nashville Tennessee. 3 children and 3 adults are dead.

    The shooter did not act alone. She was aided by the NRA, as well as 49 GOP United State Senators and the vast majority of that domestic terrorist party.

    Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee who signed permit-less carry law offers prayers.

    repugs: We need prayer back in schools!

    Oh, it was a Christian school?

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    DangerMan  8 months ago

    As to the actual content of the cartoon…. I have for several years used the absolutely FREE web-based tax filing system you can find at And an accountant once told me that those sites ask you for the same information one of them would get from you. Unless your taxes are REALLY complicated, and most people’s aren’t, the tax preparation industry is ripping people off royally.

    By the way: the IRS already has all the information most people will submit; they could just calculate what you owe and send you a refund or a bill. Bad news is it would put a crimp in the business of people who charge you to fill out the simplest tax forms.

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    Kurtass Premium Member 8 months ago

    I did my return as soon as my W-2 was available. My return was in my account in 8 days, first week of February.

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  4. Yellow submarine
    spaced man spliff  8 months ago

    I’l just put off procrastinating till tomorrow.

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  5. Headre
    robertthomasson  8 months ago

    I live in a sensible democracy, and my taxes are done automatically and accurately by the government, we call it PAYE (Pay As You Earn).

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    Johnnyrico  8 months ago

    I make sure to file in February.

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