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An already off-kilter suburban household is turned completely upside down with the arrival of a newly adopted child, Jetpack Jr., who just happens to be an alien from outer space. A bump on the head and Jetpack believes he’s just an ordinary earth toddler who imagines he’s a spaceman! His malevolent adopted siblings do everything their devious little minds can think of to send him back to the moon, or worse, while the brood’s hapless parents, Hank and Marsha Gladlee, struggle against all odds to keep the family together.

Jetpack Jr. began life as “Plastic Babyheads from Outer Space” in 2011 and joined GoComics line-up in 2013. After the ostensible leader of the Plastic Babyheads settled into life as an adopted infant with an “everyday family” in suburbia, the strip was re-christened “Jetpack Jr.”.

You can read the entire “Plastic Babyheads” run in four e-books, published by Andrews McMeel in 2014. “Jetpack Jr.” began its run on April 19, 2015.

About Geoff Grogan

Geoff Grogan is a cartoonist, artist and educator and is currently Chair of the department of Art and Art History at Adelphi University, Garden City, NY, where he is a tenured Associate Professor.  He’s happy and privileged to be teaching courses about comics and animation.

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