Jack Ohman for February 14, 2020


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  1. Nct beach wiz
    DD Wiz Premium Member 10 days ago

    When it comes to the supposedly PROgressive “woke” political wing — the Warren/Sanders wing — why is there a double standard for male and female presidential candidates? In situations where questioners DEMAND answers from Elizabeth Warren (WHICH SHE GIVES), Bernie Sanders repeatedly gives nothing and gets a free pass.

    On their healthcare and Medicare for all plans … Why do people DEMAND that Warren show the full costs and implementation schedule for her Medicare for All plan, WHICH SHE DOES, but Bernie is allowed to just speak in generalities. 

    Warren’s numbers were reviewed by NOBEL PRIZE winning economist Paul Krugman, who is not a Warren supporter and supports a public/private plan instead of M4A, and Krugman did confirm that the numbers (which were compiled in conjunction with professional economists) do add up. 

    Warren gives a realistic timeline for what she can do on day one and how the full M4A will get rolled out, and pundits whine that she is backtracking (she is not; she has promised “big structural change” and “big structures” are not built overnight). 

    In contrast, Bernie just promises he’ll wave a magic wand on Day One and, ¡voilà! he will make M4A just magically appear. No cost specifics. No specific timeline. Once again, Bernie gets a free pass and Warren is held to the higher standard.

    On releasing medical and tax records…

    Why does Warren, who runs several miles a day and is obviously in great health, release her medical records, but Sanders, who is eight years older and just had a serious heart attack, is allowed to renege on his promise to release his medical records? Why does Bernie get a free pass?

    We must stop the sexism — no more double standard. Bernie: release your medical records, release as many years of tax returns as Warren has, and please provide detailed specifics on cost and timeline for your medical proposal.

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  2. Rainbow brain
    Concretionist  10 days ago

    OK, some of them are pretty funny.

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  3. Missing large
    hankmorgan  10 days ago

    Coming in on a wing and a prayer. Look below there’s our field over there.

    With our full crew on board, and our faith in the Lord. Coming in on a wing and a prayer!

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  4. Missing large
    wolfiiig  10 days ago

    They all have the advantage of not being Donald Trump; they got my vote!

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  5. Mines
    Madzdad the bard  10 days ago

    They try to show confidence, but cartoons like this one and others by conservative cartoonists show just how frightened they are of this field of candidates. Any of which can beat Trump.

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  6. Missing large
    buckman-j  10 days ago

    Mikey’s comin’

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