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The Gnome Syndicate follows the adventures of agent 13 of the Gnome Syndicate, and his fellow agents. Along for the ride with 13 is his partner, agent Shirley, of the Fairies. While not always seeing eye to eye, the two groups work together to balance good and evil in a world filled with barbarians, princesses, dragons, elves, and all manner of fantastical characters.

Agent 13: Your average gnome, 13 is a good agent for the Gnome Syndicate, but seems to attract trouble and certain female fairies.

Agent Shirley: Shirley is 13’s fairy partner, by force at first, but soon realizes how much she likes the guy. She’s a tough agent and fiercely loyal.

Chief: The Chief is the main gnome in the syndicate. He calls the shots and tries to keep 13 and the rest of the gnomes on target.

Miss Keebler: Miss Keebler is an elf that started at the syndicate as a temp assistant to 13. She’s kind, and very good at her job, although there’s something not quite right about her.

Agent 1 “The Todd”: Dressed like a bad 80’s TV show, the number one agent in the Gnome Syndicate is also just the worst.

Gladys: Gladys is the gnome bad guys love to hate. Innocent and unassuming, she’ll turn around with a flash of magic before you know what happened.

Nigel: Nigel is a blind tortoise that is the most powerful magic user in the syndicate. He’s slow, wise, and extremely powerful.

Lord Baddun: Baddun is a dragon-like creature that seems bent on changing the world to suit himself, no matter what the cost. He’s a villain with goals, and that makes him very dangerous.

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