Gasoline Alley by Jim Scancarelli for December 24, 2008

  1. Av 5363
    prasrinivara  over 15 years ago

    All’s well that ends well.

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  2. Frankenstein1
    Greypilgrim  over 15 years ago

    Best strip of the year….so far.

    Unless tomorrow’s strip surpasses.

    Not to be a Grinch…but is THAT the Christmas star or the Bat-signal??

    Merry Christmas everyone.

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  3. Missing large
    kbuck320  over 15 years ago

    Wait. This makes no sense. Slim went to “the address the little girl gave him” .. got arrested, presumably because he was completely at the wrong house (although not all military families live in shacks). Gets arrested, gets out, and now somehow has a new address for the girl?

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  4. Ximage
    Jogger2  over 15 years ago

    He misread the address the girl gave him, or something similar. He may have gone to a street instead of an avenue. He may have gone to the wrong quadrant.

    At least, Slim isn’t being scammed. As for the insurance payment, it could be that it is on its way, and the mother isn’t aware of it. Or, it could be just poor research on the author’s part.

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  5. String
    stringmusicianer  over 15 years ago

    Well geez. The Christmas season only lasts so long. I understood it just fine.

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  6. Th
    marvee  over 15 years ago

    This strip certainly shows more than xeroxed talking head (see Calvin and Hobbes). Good artwork and shows action.

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  7. Firecracker
    dcguys  over 15 years ago

    Now THIS is the reason for the season. Merry Christmas all y’all!

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  8. Durak ukraine
    Durak Premium Member over 15 years ago

    Keep this up and I may go PRO.

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  9. Axe grinder
    axe-grinder  over 15 years ago

    Here is the magic of black and white art!

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  10. Dscn7190 small
    stuart  over 15 years ago

    On Dick Tracy people complain that the story moves too slow. Here they complain that it moves too fast! Merry Christmas. And I’m fine with Happy Holy Days also!

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