Gary Varvel for August 07, 2022

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    knutdl  almost 2 years ago


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    admiree2  almost 2 years ago

    Apparently the conservatives believe that, in accordance with their mythology, there will be no more sinners to be sent into fire and brimstone. All the women whose lives will end, and those committing rape and incest will be going to a special place that they will create in their minds or get from their God’s Book of Words interpretation.

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  3. Triumph
    Daeder  almost 2 years ago

    Nothing Satan likes more than to see people abuse each other by taking away each other’s rights.

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    Striped Cat  almost 2 years ago

    Okay, I’m gonna state the obvious.

    Indiana is a very red state that gave us Mike Pence and Dan Quayle. So how is it a H3ll-freezing-over event for Indiana to ban abortion?

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    2AndFour  almost 2 years ago

    The Devil received some bad news from Indiana but for some reason I don’t think the Devil wants Biden, Obama and Bush Jr to accompany him in his special place.

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    Odon Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Gary lives in Indiana and in his world apparently one only goes to he11 if they have an abortion. Attempting to overturn our democracy gets a pass in his little world. As do many of the sins openly committed by the x.

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    Odon Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Go comics allows an obvious illustration of a certain place mentioned many times in the bible but you can’t use the simple word the bible calls it? That is as silly as the average Varvel toon.

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    Stephen Runnels Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Eli Lily stock dropped 1.48% overnight just for having their base in a State that just banned abortion. And because the prior threat of that, Eli Lily had already planned to move elsewhere. Other companies are also planning the move from Indiana to avoid any indication they promote a State taking away a woman’s bodily autonomy.

    Stupid move, Indiana.

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  9. Durak ukraine
    Durak Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    So, the pro-abortion devil never expected Indiana to ban his handy work. Is that your point?

    How about the devil who condems women to unwanted, unsafe pregnancies? Indiana made him a happy boy.

    The devil who wants women and girls to carry the seed of their rapist, their abuser? He’ll be sending Indiana a thank you card.

    The devil who wants women kept as second class citizens, bound by their reproductive organs for men to treat as their property. That devil is as happy as sin.

    Young girls, abused by the “men” in their family, carrying the child of incest. Thanks again to Indiana there is another very happy devil.

    And all those women who already have more problems than they can handle. The ones living from day to day, with little help and no hope. Too many children already. Too little resources for the ones they have. The ones living an existance that is just grinding them down and can’t manage one more kid. Indiana has bedeviled them, once again.

    There is nothing good in what Indiana has done. Their anti-abortion work is evil. It is truly the work of many devils. Devils who live among us, who look like humans but have no humanity.

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  10. Pat new 150
    Patjade  almost 2 years ago

    Really Varvel? You’re that clueless about Indiana? Oh wait, you’re Varvel, you’re clueless about a lot of things, which is why you need your alter ego to cheerlead your cartoons.

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  11. Cigar smoker
    Jack7528  almost 2 years ago

    And Kansas is allowing it, didn’t see that one coming.

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  12. Ab avitar
    Addled Brain  almost 2 years ago

    I guess politicians in Indiana are just more mean-spirited than voters in Kansas.

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    monya_43  almost 2 years ago

    Just because he|| froze over does not mean it is any less of a he||.

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    thelordthygod666  almost 2 years ago

    What is comical is that the people saying “power to the states” take the opposite view when the state power is used against them.

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  15. Kernel
    Diane Lee Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Do you know what it costs to travel several hundred miles, rent a room and stay until you are well enough to travel? Several hundred, going as cheaply as possible. That’s a huge chunk of cash for a lot of women. The alternative is that you will have to be off work for at least a month or so when the baby is born, and if you are working a minimum wage job, the cost of minimally adequate child care is probably more than you bring home. This adds up to an impossible situation for a lot of women. That’s the situation for many women who are carrying a perfectly heathy baby. Now take it a step further. Suppose the baby is going to live three months in constant pain and then die anyway? Nobody is proabortion. It’s heartbreaking, but sometimes it’s the only real option. I don’t know why anyone who isn’t family, father, or the mom have any right to decide what the best option is when they don’t even know the situation.

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  16. Picture
    SammySnyder  almost 2 years ago

    Perhaps if the Dredd Scott decision had been overturned and the issue left to the states we could have avoided that war before Slavery ended.

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    grange Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    He should be dancing on his little hoofy-tips with glee.

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  18. Unnamed
    Another Take  almost 2 years ago

    A more accurate headline is “SOME MEN MAKE DECISIONS FOR ALL WOMEN IN INDIANA” How soon before those same men require that “Fathers” be physically involved in the lives of their children? If you answered “NEVER”, you got it right.

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  19. Giraffe cat
    I Play One On TV  almost 2 years ago

    The problem here is paternalism. Enshrined in every holy book, men are correct. A woman ate the apple. As a result, woman was told that she would give birth in pain. A loving god, there, right?

    Very few women are mentioned positively. Everything is male-oriented. It is ingrained in all early religious education and reinforced on a weekly (or more) basis. In the words of school-board-meeting shouters, it’s Indocrination. It starts young and people rarely rise above it.

    Unfortunately, having almost all power with no requirement of knowledge of any subject at hand often ends badly.

    Most people who are in the position to pass laws have no idea how hard life can be. Let’s face it: if you can raise millions just to win your job, you don’t have to worry that you might lose your minimum-wage job if your pregnancy creates too many sick days or you can’t lift those heavy items anymore. And losing that job often means homelessness. If you aren’t willing to be aware of others’ problems, you will legislate cruelly.

    This creates the toxic mix that can suddenly turn independent adults with firmly-established rights into government-controlled incubators with no say about their own future. And people keep their conscience clean by claiming that the book they were indoctrinated with tells them they’re right.

    But these same people are horrified that the other party will introduce Shari’a law.

    None so blind as he who will not see.

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    rlaker22j  almost 2 years ago

    Kansas didn’t choose abortion Kansas chose choice, not every Democrat who gets pregnant is going to have an abortion

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    rs0204 Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    If Indiana put the question to a vote of the people in their state, then abortion might be legal there as well. However, Missouri’s legislature will never let the general population have a vote on keeping abortion legal in my state. This is because they know that the majority isn’t on their side when independent polling has been conducted.

    Authoritarianism is already here in many states.

    This brings us to an interesting question. When will the Federal Government step in and tell a state they have gone too far? Perhaps when some maga state passes a law forbidding women the vote? Maybe when a state decides that Jews cannot own property or be employed? Possibly it will be when a state outlaws any religion but Christianity. Can’t happen, you say? No state would ever pass those laws. I beg to differ.

    There are magas on the ballot right now in Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, and Wisconsin who would gladly vote these laws in.

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    Kurtass Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Don’t worry, all of these red states will prevent abortion with their abstinence only sex education.

    Mississippi, with their abstinence only education has the highest teenage birth rate, highest infant mortality rate. Winning.

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    GiantShetlandPony  almost 2 years ago

    Doesn’t make sense. Indiana is heck with two L’s.

    Good thing this happened after that 10 year old girl got the abortion she need to save her life and perhaps sanity. Then again, if her parents had gone all the way to Illinois, the doctor involved wouldn’t have been threatened with being investigated for committing a crime by a Governor. Thank you Governor Pritzker for being a sane politician and for supporting women to choose how and when they start their families.

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    FJB  Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    The states get to decide. That’s the way it should be. If you don’t like it, you have every right to move. Just don’t bring your stupid liberal policies with you, if you move to a red state.

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    Dapperdan61  Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    More lives will be lost because women won’t get the proper medical care needed. These red states give higher priority for the fetus and after they come into this world assuming they are healthy where’s the prenatal care these new mothers need ?

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