Gary Varvel for January 06, 2022

  1. 9dmn
    GOGOPOWERANGERS  almost 2 years ago

    Yes please get the vaccine

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  2. Shutterstock 478583230
    NeuralCapsule  almost 2 years ago

    People in places like Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, Belarus, North Korea, Russia, China know what the term “government oppression” actually means.

    Overweight Americans bellowing about wearing a mask and being vaccinated with the most effective vaccines in the world when others around the world cannot get either are nothing but an international embarrassment.

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  3. Get smart shoe phone
    gopher gofer  almost 2 years ago

    i’d like to get the vaccine to prevent contagion from morons like varvel…

    let’s ban opspecial!

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  4. Img 1754  2
    GiantShetlandPony  almost 2 years ago

    Too bad there wasn’t a vaccine to make you smarter. If this guy was real, chances are good he’d be an addition to

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  5. Pat new 150
    Patjade  almost 2 years ago

    Varvel roots for the infection. I’m sure he is against all the vaccines that are mandated for school children, military service, and international travel to certain places ion the world.

    So, when will 2AndFour show up to be booster for this piece of scheisse?

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  6. Aatxajyt0k1nbrznnl6tau5xwsuetymyjuhn1v6klq0y=s96 c
    2AndFour  almost 2 years ago

    Well buddy that is going to be a tough one. There is no vaccine against oppressing governments or idiots in charge like Biden.

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  7. Blm
    1BlackLivesMatter Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Great ‘toon! The Libs love their mandates. Let’s go, Brandon!

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  8. Pat new 150
    Patjade  almost 2 years ago

    ^^ Two more rooting for infections. I’m sure neither have ever been to school and especially not in the military.

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  9. 7bf81e16 8ef8 4134 8774 9ce680cc41b6
    The Nodding Head  almost 2 years ago

    You have every right to die, but not to take others with you.

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  10. Missing large
    walfishj  almost 2 years ago

    Define oppression. Is it when I do it, or when YOU do it?

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  11. Jazz hands kitty
    Stephen Runnels Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    That would mean allowing every American the right to vote. Something Republicans and the right-wing absolutely hate.

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  12. Ff5b6ca9 b623 40fc 9696 e97e88ae92d2
    MG  almost 2 years ago

    Oppressive government as in the fascism Trump embodies or the socialism embodied in Scandinavian countries? Not a hard choice.

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  13. Mr haney
    NeedaChuckle Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Pro Covid DA in CA, an up and comer Republican just dropped dead of Covid. She was against Govt. Oppression, of course. I feel so owned:-)

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  14. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Well.. it’s a start. Only a short while ago the request would have been for a gun

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  15. Wile e coyote
    Totalloser Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    You can’t have it both ways being anti-vax and anti-choice and claim government oppression.

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  16. Homoerectus
    fusilier  almost 2 years ago

    Easy-peasy: Vote Democratic!

    Somehow I don’t think Varvie will get the point.


    James 2:24

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  17. Missing large
    thelordthygod666  almost 2 years ago

    It’ the 6th of January and Gary suddenly developed amnesia.

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  18. 1
    ncorgbl  almost 2 years ago

    Become a Liberal. Our Liberal Founders knew the ’cure for oppressive government. Independence. The conservatives back then opposed our independence.

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  19. Database download 512
    jader3rd  almost 2 years ago

    It’s called voting Democrat.

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  20. Missing large
    preacherman  almost 2 years ago

    Depending on what side of the fence you sit, this toon could be taken either way. When I first read the blurb I thought the guy was talking about government voter suppression, not vaccine mandates.

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  21. Missing large
    Vidrinath Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    As pointed out above the vaccine is called “Voting”. However it requires: Free and fair elections, that you have faith in the outcome of the vote, that you do not commit insurrection because your feelings are hurt, that people in power are held accountable for their actions- even if that sometimes hurts “your side”.

    Short version- the price is higher than you are willing to pay Gary.

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  22. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  almost 2 years ago

    Just wait until the oppressive fascist anti democracy republican traitors get back in power, you will, lose the country and your freedom to vote.

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  23. Missing large
    Valiant1943 Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Feeling oppressed? Get a medical alert card that tells the world that in case of Covid they should leave you at home so your family can lay hands on you, and feed you horse dewormer. If that doesn’t work they can inter you in the backyard

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  24. Missing large
    jhayesd31  almost 2 years ago

    YES i would like a Government Funded Vaccine

    at this Government Funded Hospital

    Staffed by Government Funded professionals

    to PROTECT me from Government overreach

    …..Go ahead and Bill My Medicare.

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  25. Missing large
    davidthoms1  almost 2 years ago

    Varvel will be calling seat belts and stop signs “Government Oppression” next. Along with masks and vaccines they protect people’s lives!

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  26. Missing large
    DrPawl  almost 2 years ago

    We have that vaccine. It’s called “voting” or “the franchise”. It’s very important that all eligible citizens make use of it, and it doesn’t work at all well when you withhold it from people who want to get it.

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  27. Index
    Johnny on the Spot  almost 2 years ago

    Then don’t vote Republican.

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  28. Missing large
    Rich Douglas  almost 2 years ago

    No one is oppressing you. Don’t take the vaccine; it’s your choice. But others may choose to exclude you from school, work, entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, other businesses….

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  29. Missing large
    Vidrinath Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Gary, this is what you are asking for:

    If you don’t want government oppression then stop spreading misinformation.

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  30. Missing large
    mikemck  almost 2 years ago

    OMG do they really believe this is Govt. oppression???!!! I don’t think anybody has “dissappeared” because they refused the vaccine. Stop acting like children scared of a needle.

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  31. Face resize
    donut reply  almost 2 years ago

    Using the mandate is like a leader who uses a whip from behind to get them in line. Better: offer some thing like a what is offered by some places. A credit in the store when you get the flu shot. I know if the government offered it Republicans (and some others) would be screaming about it growing the debt.

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  32. Question 63916 960 720
    knutdl  almost 2 years ago

    The needle tears a hole The old familiar sting Try to kill it all away

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  33. Marx lennon
    charliekane  almost 2 years ago

    Lookit, get the d@mn vaccine, and get this crap behind us.

    Your wrongheaded political tantrum prolongs the agony for all of us.

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  34. Img 0048
    Nantucket Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Make sure that “government oppression” doesn’t show up when your house is on fire, you have a heart attack, need police services, want to send your children to PUBLIC school, want o use a library service, etc., etc., etc.

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  35. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  almost 2 years ago

    We HAVE a vaccine for government oppression. It’s the ballot box. And of course, that requires the use of that potato between your ears, assuming you can get it started and pointed at reality, something that seems ever less likely for the folks on the extreme right such as Varvel.

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  36. T128
    saywhatwhat  almost 2 years ago

    When I read this I had forgotten I was jumping to Varvel. I thought it was sarcasm and pretty funny… but he’s serious??? Poor baby, “government oppression”. /s

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  37. Photo
    TrulyTexan  almost 2 years ago

    If you want protection from government oppression, vote Democrat.

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  38. Missing large
    dpatrickryan Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” -Inigo Montoya

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  39. Missing large
    jpkestler  almost 2 years ago

    And the woman behind the counter says, “As soon as you show me proof of your funeral arrangements”.

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  40. Missing large
    lsnrchrd.1 Premium Member almost 2 years ago

    Belarus, Hungary, Russia. Move to one of those three places that authority figures you revere and trust completely — I refer specifically to DJ tRump (the former guy) and Tucker Carlson — publicly identify as stellar examples of free societies.

    l’m positive you’d find any of the three far superior to these United States of America, Gary Varvel. You lame excuse for a political satirist.

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  41. Img 1754  2
    GiantShetlandPony  almost 2 years ago

    Varvel, the only way to eradicate Covid is for everyone in the world to get vaccinated, keep getting boosters when required for several decades.

    Small Pox and Polio did not go away over night. Vaccines don’t always keep you from getting the disease, but unless you are very old and or with other health issues, it will keep you from getting seriously ill. Eventually, with people around the world following a vaccine regament we could eliminate Covid19, but it won’t happen overnight.

    Small Pox had been around for well over 3,000 years. No one ever developed herd immunity. Eventually, vaccines eradicated it. In the meantime vaccines ensured fewer people got seriously ill or had serious complications like blindness.

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  42. Missing large
    Northgalus2002  almost 2 years ago

    Gary, as usual, you are making it more complicated than it needs to be. If you get the vaccine, it won’t mean you won’t get Covid. But it will protect you from falling seriously ill as a result. I for one am done with freaking out over the anti vaxxers and/or hesitants because that’s what gives them power. They will either get their jabs or fall seriously ill and the rest of us who are doing the right thing will get ourselves to the other side with or without them.

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  43. Missing large
    Stat_man99  almost 2 years ago

    If only there were one….

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  44. Bbda4daa 967a 4324 998e 5a7dc573af5d 1x3
    mikecurley  almost 2 years ago

    Poor baby

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