Dilbert Classics for July 23, 2013


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  1. 619jrrggs6l. uy600
    Number Six  about 5 years ago

    Consider the ice well and truly broken.

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  2. Pict0001
    MiepR  about 5 years ago

    Picky, picky.

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  3. Minime 100x100
    Linux0s  about 5 years ago

    The ring of salt should have been a clue.

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  4. Missing large
    randymi  about 5 years ago

    Well, couldn’t be any worse than having a witch mother-in-law… oh, wait.

    Darren found that out, eh? (For the clueless, think: Bewitched.)

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  5. Thinker
    Sisyphos  about 5 years ago

    These days, that ice-breaker isn’t what it used to be. I myself know a number of young Wiccans, and for the most part they are perfectly nice people….

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  6. Flash gordon
    Colt1911  about 5 years ago

    His response should be….“Well, you shouldn’t let your ex define who you are.”

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  7. A service i need
    Kvasir42 GC Insider about 5 years ago

    I’ve had that date. That wasn’t the problem. It was the three kids by three different fathers and the third kid still on the way (and not being told any of that until the date). You really have to be careful with online dating!

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  8. D and d bed 03sc
    Ray_C  about 5 years ago

    Better a witch than the B-word.

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  9. Picture 22
    jack fairbanks  about 5 years ago

    well when you turned the maitre d’ into a mouse, i kinda got a feeling…

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  10. Solange
    ewalnut  about 5 years ago

    So far she’s nicer than his other dates. Just so long as she doesn’t have a mother like Endora.

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  11. Avatar
    Emlyn GC Insider about 5 years ago

    Some of us chicks are also computer geeks.

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  12. Musical heart
    BandGeek121  about 5 years ago

    Jaw drops. What now???

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  13. Giphy
    Olongapojoe GC Insider about 5 years ago

    My kind of gal.

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  14. Ricky ricardo oh lucy
    edclectic  about 5 years ago

    I’ll bet she orders the eye of newt and a witch’s brew.

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  15. Zzz
    Crusader4  about 5 years ago

    Didn’t just break it, incinerated it, annihilated, and demolished it.

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  16. Calvin
    WilliamBill  about 5 years ago


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