Benjamin Franklin once wrote, "In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes and a Tom Brady comeback." Wow! Is it any coincidence that this farsighted founding father is enshrined on the $100 bill? 

But Brady's accomplishments aside, there is another dark category that could be added to the old adage made famous by Franklin — jerks.

Jerks are ever-present in this world, and the sports world is no different. From Ty Cobb to Woody Hayes to Lance Armstrong to Roger Goodell, the list of jerks in sports is long and accomplished. And as any good comics fan knows, there is only one time of year when these jerks receive the recognition they so deserve — the Tank McNamara Sports Jerk of the Year Award.

Nominations for the 2017 edition of Sports Jerk of the Year Award are now underway. Here is how to get your jerk nominated:

"Sports Jerk of the Year 2017" nominations are accepted only for individuals – not for a team, league, organization or corporation. Nominations are accepted via four methods through Friday, Feb. 2 — Groundhog Day:

GoComics Blog: Leave a comment with your nomination on this blog post.

Twitter: Tweet to @GoComics using the hashtag #SportsJerk2017.

GoComics Facebook: Visit the GoComics Facebook page and comment with your nomination, including the hashtag #SportsJerk2017.

• Tank McNamara Facebook: Visit the official Tank McNamara Facebook page and comment with your nomination, including the hashtag #SportsJerk2017.

The "Sports Jerk of the Year" winner will be announced on Friday, Feb. 15 via the GoComics blog, its social media outlets, the Tank McNamara Facebook page and the Tank McNamara comic strip.

Let your voice be heard and your vote counted!

Last year's winner: Ryan Lochte (see below)