Ladies and gentleman, put your hands together for our No. 1 Most-Read Comic on all of GoComics for 2017. It's the July 16, 2017 installment of "The Comic Strip That Has a Finale Every Day" by John "Scully" Scully.

Scully spoke to GoComics in 2015 on how he came up with the idea to create a comic strip that ended every day.

Scully: "The highest-rated TV show ever was the M*A*S*H finale. Imagine how successful M*A*S*H would've been if it was a finale EVERY episode?"


In a Twitter Q&A, Scully was also asked by a fan, "This strip is an insult, when will it end?

Scully: Today's is the final episode.

Congrats to you, Scully, we will miss you, but look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.