Clay Bennett for August 18, 2023

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    Will?  8 months ago


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  2. Green 5 point celtic knot 300
    Erse IS better  8 months ago

    What does it take to get from unindicted to indicted?

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  3. Avt freyjaw winter48
    FreyjaRN Premium Member 8 months ago

    Unless they were minor players who can give you something better, indict the gits.

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  4. 9dmn
    GOGOPOWERANGERS  8 months ago

    Make criminals great again

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  5. Albert einstein brain i6
    braindead Premium Member 8 months ago

    The Disciples will NEVER see themselves.



    And they know Their Messiah is guilty.

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  6. Headre
    robertthomasson  8 months ago

    Gonna need a container ship load of those when all the reps, senators, state governors, state reps and senators, GQFP organisers, GQFP members, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, rioters, lawyers, former lawyers, former aides, Faux Not-news presenters and pundits, other stations/websites, pastors, reporters, Russian agents, golf club staff, … who did I miss?… get to need one.

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  7. Img 1754  2
    GiantShetlandPony  8 months ago

    Pretty sure that covers the entire Republican Party.

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  8. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  8 months ago

    Donald Trump is getting mocked on social media after making two announcements in a row on Thursday.

    First, the former president canceled his big news conference on Monday, when he had promised to deliver “irrefutable” evidence of 2020 presidential election fraud in a “CONCLUSIVE” report that would lead to “a complete EXONERATION.”

    Trump and his allies have failed to produce any such evidence in the nearly three years since the 2020 election despite constantly claiming to have it.

    Now Trump claims the evidence will be presented in legal filings instead.

    “Therefore, the News Conference is no longer necessary!” he wrote on his Truth Social website.

    And second, he fired off a message indicating he won’t participate in next week’s Republican presidential debate.

    “People know my Record, one of the BEST EVER, so why would I Debate?” he wrote.

    Trump’s critics mocked him for backing down in both cases:

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  9. Missing large
    leonardonyc  8 months ago

    Clay are you sating every that voted for him should be indicted ?

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  10. Photo 1501706362039 c06b2d715385
    Zebrastripes  8 months ago

    Donald Trump’s lawyers call on federal judge to overrule Special Counsel Jack Smith and DELAY his 2020 election interference trial until 2026 – AFTER he has chance to run for president again

    What balls this Fascist pig has!


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  11. Durak ukraine
    Durak Premium Member 8 months ago

    In other words, if you still find it in your soul to support HIM, you are supporting a man indicted nearly 100 different state and federal charges.

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  12. Photo 1501706362039 c06b2d715385
    Zebrastripes  8 months ago

    You would THINK the GOP would admit rump is a has been but they won’t! Why is that? What’s rump have on them? Hmmmm

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  13. Img 0536
    akachman Premium Member 8 months ago

    Keep America trumpless, please.

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  14. 2716182 1920x1080 33217
    Ally2005  8 months ago

    Chyna did get the spelling correct on D j rump’s 2024 hats 4 sale.

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  15. Chai
    Perkycat  8 months ago

    I hope the next big fad by his idiot fanatics is a prison stripe shirt.

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  16. Missing large
    bevtracy2011  8 months ago

    That should sell a few more caps!!

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  17. Missing large
    SaltyLights  8 months ago

    I hope Clay has a copyright on that hat. It’s a cute way for the Dumpster’s millions of supporters to show their loyalty.

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  18. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  8 months ago

    Bill Barr rejects Trump’s plea that it’s unfair to try him while he’s running: ‘You don’t get immunity’ by being a presidential candidate

    “At the end of the day, at the core of this thing, he engaged, in the case of the documents, in outrageous behavior where anyone would be prosecuted,” Barr said. “I don’t know of any attorney general who would walk away from it.”

    As for the post-2020 case, Barr said it was clear Trump “crossed the line” by pushing fake electors while also pressuring then-Vice President Mike Pence to use the fake electors as a gambit to overturn the election results.

    “It was a calculated and deceitful plan to remain in office by nullifying and negating certified legal votes,” Barr said.

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  19. Avv7uxthr0nws
    robnvon Premium Member 8 months ago


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