Chip Bok for November 21, 2023

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    QuincyAdamsGhost Premium Member 7 months ago

    A$$hole !!

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  2. Missing large
    Denver Reader Premium Member 7 months ago

    Trump’s second impeachment had Republican support. And it’s the Republicans who are trying to impeach cabinet members.

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  3. Missing large
    aristoclesplato9  7 months ago

    Impeachment does not get a President out of office.

    Gotta 25th him.

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  4. Cigar smoker
    Jack7528  7 months ago

    The Democrats aren’t smart enough to start impeachment on him.

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  5. Wtp
    superposition  7 months ago

    We don’t usually hire inexperienced electricians/plumbers/carpenters/etc who dramatically boast that they will use unconventional techniques to repair our homes, Instead, we hire established/experienced craftspeople to ensure we get quality work done. Yet, time and time again some homeowners are fooled by con artists, have faulty work done, and then have to call in the experts they should have hired in the first place. So, too do voter’s perceptions get in the way of reason, Brexit, and the the buyer’s remorse the UK voters are now feeling is an example. Good government is not finding a silver bullet single solution [ e.g. “Only I can fix it.”] for all problems but rigorous teamwork, sharing ideas, and compromising to get pragmatic results. Most electricians/plumbers/carpenters/etc are not as charismatic as the con artists but are much more dependable.

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  6. Picture
    Ontman  7 months ago

    One track Bok.

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  7. 1
    ncorgbl  7 months ago

    Biden’s staff does trust him. They know. Bok doesn’t know.

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  8. Rabbit hat
    s49nav  7 months ago

    Speaking of impeachable offenses, now we find that Biden has funneled funds intended for Interstate Highway maintenance to Woke programs. “You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to color TV.”

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  9. Missing large
    DenO Premium Member 7 months ago

    If Congress can prove Biden is guilty of “pay to play”, then he should be impeached and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Not because he is old, goofy and polling lower.

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  10. Missing large
    DrDon1  7 months ago

    Bok seems to have become a ‘mouthpiece for the Trump Party!’

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  11. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  7 months ago

    right wing fantasy land

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  12. Agent gates
    Radish the wordsmith  7 months ago

    “Republicans Are Far Too Racist to Vote for a Minority for President” – Tim Scott’s Presidential Campaign Collapses

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  13. Download  6
    Joe1962 Premium Member 7 months ago

    Biden’s staff doesn’t have the guts to pull the 25th Amendment.

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    Al Fresco  7 months ago

    Not a bad idea. Finally our politicians in Washington can agree on something.

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  15. Missing large
    smartgrr  7 months ago

    Republicans are better at it

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  16. Screenshot 2024 02 05 at 6.32.06 pm
    librarylady59  7 months ago

    What a silly ninny you are, Mr Bok.

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    ragsarooni Premium Member 7 months ago

    Impeach means to formally bring charges against… my knowledge there is no specific word for removal,unless it’s something like “here’s your hat,what’s your hurry?” Or “make like a tree and leave” Or don’t let the door hit u on the way out”……;-)

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  18. Rustfungus2a
    Cerabooge  7 months ago

    Impeachment is done in the House. Which Republicans control.

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  19. Daddia
    opsono  7 months ago

    Learn English

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  20. Missing large
    Kevin Jacobs  7 months ago

    Of course not, impeachment hasn’t worked since Clinton. No, what they do best are underhanded tactics.

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