Calvin and Hobbes for January 25, 1993

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  1. Missing large
    Icalasari  about 8 years ago

    English: The quiche of languages :D

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  2. Color dance 1
    COMIC-ER  over 6 years ago

    he verbed ‘verb’

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  3. Missing large
    CloudsofGrey  almost 6 years ago

    English is the hardest language to learn, as it’s full of synonyms, odd expressions, and people who don’t know proper grammar or spelling.

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  4. Missing large
    Jayarava  about 4 years ago

    There’s nothing wrong with creating new verbs from nouns. We do it all the time. There’s even a technical term for such verbs: denominative. We also go the other way and create verbal nouns.

    And it’s not just English that does this. Sanskrit is full of denominative verbs and verbal nouns.

    The idea that certain languages are harder or easier to learn is a myth. All languages are difficult as they all have irregularities and idioms that are difficult for beginners.

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  5. Photo
    Q.D.McGraw  10 months ago

    Well look at the big brain on Jeff. Isn’t he just a englishing MFer.

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  6. 090722 eclipse space 02
    yow4zip GC Insider 8 months ago

    The weirding way.

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