Mar 23, 2017
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Lupin: Today on Breaking Cat News, we head to the bookstore for a hard hitting investigative report! What kind of book is the best for napping? 
Elvis: Hi, Beatrix! 
Puck: Give me some SPACE.
Beatrix: Thanks, Lupin! It's a question for the ages, and cats are standing by to report their observations! 
Burt: Historical non-fiction provides a strong foundation. Dime novel romances hold a lot of heat. 
Sir Figaro Newton: La ciencia ficcion puede inducir suenos vividos del manana. 
Subtitles on: Science fiction can induce vivid dreams of tomorrow. 
Beatrix: I prefer to nap on paperback mysteries myself. 
Puck: Oh! I love a good mystery! 
Beatrix: Especially on a rainy day.
Puck: Is everyone asleep?
Mar 25, 2017
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