There is a moose that roams the woods: waiting, waiting, waiting. Lasers from his eyes, ice water in his veins. This is not your father's gun-toting weapons-grade elk. This is LASER MOOSE! Now in handy book form, Laser Moose will take you on the wildest ride. A ride in a convertible PT Cruiser with a modified Ferrari engine! Then you'd have the looks and the power ... just like Laser Moose.

There are great stories in this here book and the characters got the best kind of dialogue that I like. I'm recommending this to my book club and I think it would be a natural TV show on one of the more sophisticated networks where you could show the Laser Moose laser (with his eye lasers) other evil creatures heads off without fear of reprisal from a censor. Take that, censors! We hate you!
I give it FIVE STARS (out of four).
*GOCOMICS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Read here and now how Doug Savage created the awesome cover. Doug is also the creator of the sublime Savage Chickens that runs on the GoComics

* not really exclusive. Sorry I lied.