The NFL's Chicago Bears are known for many things – bone-crushing defense, heartbreaking playoff losses, not having an all-pro quarterback in, like, ever. Okay, there is 1985, the Fridge and the Super Bowl Shuffle, which every Bears fan will work into conversation within five minutes of meeting you.

And now, starting in the 2018 season, the Bears will also be known for having their own comic strip. 

While it's called a comic strip, Monsters of the Midway has more of the feel of a comic book anthology, with the team "defending Chicago from a weekly nemesis drawn from the 2018 schedule." In other words, the Lions, Packers and Vikings had better watch out! 

The first installment of Monsters of the Midway covers training camp, and will be updated regularly throughout the season. Comics and sports teams seem like a natural fit, especially for younger fans, and it will be interesting to see if this promotion by the Bears becomes a trend among other NFL teams.