On July 18, the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design in Washington, D.C. opened a pop-up show featuring the work of editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers. Located conveniently across from the White House, the exhibit showcases all of the Trump-themed cartoons that were rejected by Rogers' former employer, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Spiked: The Unpublished Political Cartoons of Rob Rogers will be on display until Oct. 18.

Earlier this month, HBO's Vice News did a feature story with Rogers. 

“I think there’s a bigger story in terms of the administration’s attacks on the media and how certain media outlets, including Fox News and Sinclair media, how they’ve sort of gotten in line,” Rogers told Vice. “You know that’s what was happening at the Post-Gazette. too.”

You can read all of Rogers' editorial cartoons, including the ones that were rejected by the Post-Gazette, on